Friday, April 03, 2009

Photo Friday


I have this great picture of me when I'm about 8 years old standing with my Mother & my Grannie - now it sits on Emma's chest of drawers in her bedroom. I love the picture very much. When I saw the challenge for today's Photo Friday (which sadly I have not been participating in lately) was Grandmother, that picture was the first thing to come to mind. Maybe I'll get the other picture scanned soon & post it as a follow up to this entry. I thought I would post a picture of me with my Grannie (on her 94th b'day last year) and a picture of Emma with her Teta (from their tea party last Friday) for the Grandmother challenge - four generations w/ two grandmothers. I have a couple of four generation pics, too but they are from when Emma was a little baby. Hopefully I'll get an updated one soon.


  1. These are so sweet! The one of you and your Grannie is really good! My grandmother just turned 90! They are amazing women!

  2. Awesome pics. How times flies.


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