Thursday, April 02, 2009

Medium Format

Last time my parents went to Egypt my father's friend from the Navy (Egyptian Navy) sent a camera home with my parents for me! He was/is an artist in many forms, photography being one of them and has had many camera through the years. He was actually a frogman and took underwater pictures for a time in his life. Boff is so much fun to be around and so friendly.


So, the camera he sent back for me is a Mamyia RB67. I was thrilled to get it, but must admit at a loss for how to use it...I've never used a medium format camera before. And spoiled to digital, I was also hesitant about going back to film!  It's very sad to say, but for the past few months this camera has sat lonely up in my closet. Until yesterday - my parents and Boff came over for dinner since he is here for the month visiting. His wife, Ann is actually flying in today as well to stay for the rest of the visit. So - after dinner I got the camera out from it's lonely hide-away in my closet and Boff gave me a tutorial on using this masterpiece of a camera - hearing him talk about it, I was shocked he actually gave it away - but he has said he isn't doing much photography anymore & now only carries around a point & shoot in case he wants to snap a picture here or there. I need to get film & a new battery for it and hopefully over the next few weeks Boff and I will have a little photo excursion together. He made an amazing case for the camera and all it's accessories - he has a wide angle lens for it as well - honestly, I'm most excited about using that!

Tomorrow we're going over to my parents - we're taking Emma to spend the night & mother wants to grille and invite everyone over, too. If I can get the film & battery tonight or tomorrow during lunch I hope to get a few pictures tomorrow!!


  1. Buff just read this and was so excited he wants his camera back

  2. Well, tell him he can't have it back!

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