Just a weekend update...

Monday, April 06, 2009

...b/c the weekend itself was too busy to spend any real time on the computer!

We had a busy & productive weekend...now it's a short work week then Easter will be here. Wow - really!?!? Easter is now?

Friday after work we drove over to my parents - we grilled outside & played till it actually got too cool and moved it indoors. We got to check out daddy's new toy, too. 24 inch screen - I'm so jealous! Daddy kept running me off his computer - I think he needs to take some lessons in sharing from Emma! :D

I think Boff reminded Emma of Santa Claus b/c at first she shied (is that the right spelling) away from him - she eventually starting blowing him kisses from afar and talking to him pretty easily, but it was when he started drawing cartoon animals for her that she got very close! She was amazed watching the animals come to be on the paper!img_2245

Boof & Anne brought Emma some beautiful dresses as well, so I'll have to get Emma to model for me so I can get some pictures to share. The dresses also really got her attention - she's just barely over two years old & the girl already loves clothes & shoes! In fact she even asked me to paint her fingernails Sunday for the first time - she noticed mine were painted & had to have hers done as well. I couldn't figure out what she was asking me to do at first - I thought she was trying to tell me she hurt her finger so I kept kissing it - that didn't satisfy her - I finally figured it out, though. Duh Mom!

We left Emma at my parents' Friday night.  Saturday morning we had our community garage sale and I had a ton of stuff I wanted to get rid of. We were up bright & early to get everything outside - I told Michael whatever we didn't sell was not coming back into the house! We did really good actually, though and what was left behind was loaded up into the truck and we took it to Goodwill. So nice to finally have all those boxes out of my office. Every time I found something else I decided we could live without it got piled in there - I can see the floor now! Needs vacuuming, too.

After we finished with the garage sale (and socializing with all our neighbors that were out) it was the perfect time to do a little spring cleaning in the garage - actually, Michael did most of that and I worked on laundry & picking up inside - we had a late lunch (crawfish - yum) and after that I headed back to my parents' house to pick up Emma & Michael was off to Home Depot & the nursery. If you ever don't know what to buy for Michael - get him a gift card to the local nursery. So glad he has a green thumb, cuz I sure don't!

My parents and Boff & Anne wanted to do some shopping Saturday so Emma spent Saturday out all day with them at the mall and a few other places - by the time I got there to pick her up she was sacked out. Had been for about an hour I think - and she wasn't ready to get up when I came to get her. I visited for about half an hour trying to let her sleep a few more minutes, but even that wasn't enough! After I put her in her carseat it wasn't two minutes before she was sound asleep again and slept all the way home. We decided to go out for dinner as well after I got home and Michael finished his projects outside - he bought some new flowers & fertilized the grass. He also planted some begonias in a flower pot we bought from a neighbor - they look very pretty. There was a man making balloon animals at dinner & he gave Emma a little puppy - which she untwisted before the night was over - but this little boy came by at some point & gave Emma a balloon hat. He had two somehow so he decided he wanted to share - I thought it was very sweet of him!

Emma thought it was very funny to see daddy wear it, though!


We rented Marley & Me on the way home & after Emma went to sleep Michael and I sat up to watch it - Whoa, don't forget your tissues. It was a really good movie - a very emotional movie, too. By the time we finished the movie it was late & we were both ready for bed - and didn't really want to wake up Sunday morning for church - but we managed and made it to church early actually. When we got home Michael changed the oil in the truck and the car and just as he finished Jamie and Steven came over to visit & go out for BBQ. Emma & Katelynn had a blast running around Rudy's - we sat close to the back so they had a big area free of customers to run around in!! Jacob is growing so fast it won't be long until he is right there with them.

Katelynn is saying so many more words these days it seems - and she has so much expression in her face when she is telling you something.


Jamie said Jacob is really enjoying his thumb these days - looks like she was right!! He was so good, though - and laughs so easily!img_1165

It was a great weekend - very busy and next weekend will be the same I think - and the weekend after come to think of it. Man, April got popular all of a sudden!