Full Thursday

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Emma and I had a full day today - it started around 10:00 when Geddo & Teta and Boff & Anne came over to the house. Tomorrow is my regular Friday off, but since it's a holiday and we're off already my "Friday" off became Thursday (Yay for four day weekends)! We planned to go around The Woodlands today and let Boff & Anne see what was around here.

We started off at the mall - shopped and checked out the poor little dyed Easter Egg Chicks. That dye cannot be good for these little babies. They had little baby ducks, too and a lot of rabbits, though the rabbits weren't dyed any colors like the chicks and the ducks.

(sorry for the blur - this was taken quickly with my phone)

I bought a waffle iron while we were there, too - I've been wanting one for a while - tonight we had breakfast for dinner so I got to try it out! Mmmm...

When our stomachs told us it was lunch time we headed over to the waterway and had lunch at Goose's Acres. I love their Ahi Tuna Salad - Yum! I had hoped to sit out on the patio next to the water, but when we arrived it was very windy outside and it was sprinkling just a bit, threatening to really rain. So we sat inside next to a very loud table of cackling ladies; luckily they paid the bill and headed out about fifteen minutes after we sat down.

When we finished our meal we walked along the waterway a while.  It was quite windy, but not too hot at that point at least. I am so not ready for the cool weather to leave - I hate the heat humidity. The wind was so strong though I had to make sure we held onto Emma so she wasn't blown into the water!

We walked for a while then stopped at  Waterway Square to see the fountains. I wish they could come back at night to see the fountain lit up, too.

Boff played in the water fountain!

And then Emma had to as well!!

Treasures from Grandma's Purse is at Waterway Square. I really like this piece of artwork. The first time I saw the purse itself I really thought someone had left their purse sitting there - I guess Emma thought it was real, too b/c she tried to pick it up!

We left Waterway Square and headed over to Market Street. It was time for a Cafe Americano and since I finally got some film I wanted to take some pictures with the Mamiya.

When our drinks and the film were finished it was time to part. I had to get Emma back to Grammy's (the babysitter's) b/c today was their Easter Egg hunt - and daddy said the "old men" were ready for a siesta anyway! I think I walked them to death today. Ha! Emma hadn't napped yet the entire day so as soon as we got on the road she passed out. When we got to Grammy's we still had a while before it was time so I let her sleep in the recliner while I visited with Grammy. She got to sleep about an hour only before I had to wake her up to hunt eggs; I think it was just long enough b/c she was energized and ready to go when I she came outside!

The kids had a great time hunting Easter Eggs. Emma didn't need any help this year finding the eggs! She was running all over the place filling her bucket.

They managed to find all the eggs in about 20 minutes, which was perfect b/c that was about the time the pizza arrived! I love the kid picnic table they have - Grappy (Grammy's hubby) made it. He does a lot of wood work & I'm on the list for everything he makes already!

The day was good - it was nice to be outside all day. There aren't many days you can do that in Houston so it's nice to take advantage when we can! Tomorrow we don't have any plans until the evening so I hope to go find Emma some shoes for Easter Sunday. May have to call next door and see if my neighbor wants to go shopping tomorrow. I'm glad to finally sit down for a while and relax now. Ahhh...