Easter Catch-up

Tuesday, April 14, 2009
We have been so busy I haven't had time to put together a good post about the rest of our Easter weekend! I did upload pictures today - I really didn't take that many and hope to take Emma out in her dresses (yep she had two...) and get some nice pictures at the park.

Friday night we met up with Jamie & Steven and Joyce & Bobo and the kiddos for dinner. There were Easter baskets galore!!! They had fun making a mess at dinner with all that Easter grass, too!  Saturday Michael & I ran all over the place - errands and I managed to squeeze in a mani/pedi while Emma napped. So long overdue, too! We were in and out of the house all day.

Sunday after church we ran to the grocery store before heading over to my parents' house (should have done that Saturday, too) and got caught in a downpour coming back out to the car. We managed not to melt somehow! After we went home to change the rain let up just a bit thankfully for us to get in the car and head to my parents' house - and by the time we made it there the rain has stopped - the afternoon turned out to be very pretty, but still wet enough that we hunted Easter Eggs inside instead! The rain was much appreciated by all the new flowers Michael has planted, though.

And Emma didn't mind! Teta had put all kinds of goodies in the eggs for her! She had rings & earrings & bracelets - all of which we all had to model for her, too - even her daddy!! (I told Michael I would take a diamond like that any day!)

She had all kinds of loot - two Easter baskets - one with a Tinker Bell outfit (which Emma pronounces "Tink-E-Ah Bell") complete with wings from Boff & Anne! A new cell phone, coloring books, markers (color wonder mess free, thanks Mom) and too much candy, of course . Found out she isn't a fan of smarties - turns out neither is Michael. Who are these people?

At church there was a floral cross that was outside in the courtyard - it was misting rain, but I put Emma in front of it for a couple quick pictures. She looked so tiny in front of it, though!

So we did a close up, too! Cheeeezzze!

Her bright green Easter basket came from Sunday School - matched her dress pretty well!

After lunch Sunday (my sister Donna cooked a fabulous shrimp pasta...Mmmm) we had a great afternoon - Michael & I have a card trick or two to figure out (thanks Boff - it's driving me crazy!) and a ton of eggs that we keep picking up around the house!

Coming back to work yesterday wasn't fun, but it's going to be a busy week so that will make it go by fast. I hope weather we're having today lasts so we'll have a beautiful weekend, too - I want to get outside & make some pictures.

Oh - and after tomorrow I hope to have an interesting picture to share, too! We'll see...