At least it was a quick week...

Friday, April 17, 2009
We're working on quarter close this week...that's the close of the first quarter of the year...the first three months...y'know! Another measure of how fast this year is flying by. Even though it's hectic I prefer these busy times to the down time work-wise.

Today it's quiet. It's Friday (cue happy dance) and it seems like the work week had just started. Coming off a four day weekend it was hard coming into work on Monday and I was dreading the week...but look, I blinked and it's over. WooHoo!

(I keep backspacing b/c I am trying to police my use of exclamation points - I way overuse them!!!!!!!! So, now I'm into elipses...)

Anyway,  it is very dark outside at the moment and there are huge lightening bolts hitting behind the mall - that's the view from my window - the mall. It's been threatening to rain and it must be misting out there b/c I see the parking lots are wet, but I haven't actually seen the rain come down yet. I'm sure it'll start when I have to get out and pick up Emma after work. Though the week went by fast, this darkness is making today drag. I keep looking at the clock thinking it's time to go home - I feel like it's bedtime or something.

Anyway, to combat the gloom I thought I would post a picture from a beautiful day spent outside to brighten the view just a bit!

Peach Tree