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Gokey v. Downey

At least I'm not the only one who thinks that Danny Gokey looks a LOT like Robert Downey, Jr.

From day one when he auditioned I kept waiting for him to come out & say they were related or something. He looks just like a young Downey to me. Though, until I started looking for pictures, I didn't have a clue that Downey even sang. He's not bad. I'm not going to rush out & buy one of his CD's, though or anything like that.

Every season on Idol (that I watch) I always root for the rockers. They are always my favorite. Adam has been a favorite this year, but he's falling a little for me - mainly b/c he has moved away from that rocker image when he first started the show. He's a brilliant entertainer, but now more of the flamboyant, theatrical side is coming out in him (which is still good) and he's lost that rocker edge that made me first like him. Allison still has it...I still like her as much as I ever did. After last night, I think my prediction of …

This is my Pouty Pose

Surrounded by Blueboneets TTV

Saturday we drove out 290 with Jamie & Steven to get pictures of the kids in the bluebonnets - we almost missed our window of opportunity, but were able to find a nice spot finally to take a few shots! I also took several TTV shots & was very pleased with how they turned out!

I haven't uploaded all the pics yet, but will be putting my favorites up in this set as I get them processed. Emma & Katelynn weren't near as cooperative as Jacob was - but they are girls! When are girls ever cooperative?? Jacob just kinda goes with the flow! He's such a good baby!

This is the first time I've ever gone out to take pictures in the bluebonnets - Michael said he & Steven used to make fun of people on the side of the road taking these pictures and now look at them - a few kiddos later & THEY are the ones on the side of the road trying to get the kids to look at the camera & smile! LOL!


The silence makes me want to scream!

We have had Uverse since January and it has been working great...until Sunday! It quit working for us Sunday - no internet, no television at home. The phone lines were even starting to get very static-y and then Sunday evening they also went dead.

So, we had a technician come out to check our internet/phone service yesterday - he stated that we were too close to the limit distance and had he been the installer for us would have never set us up. Sir (or actually Boy - he looked like a teenager), it's been working wonderfully since January! What happened to change that is what I want you to tell me? So, he tried a few of his magic tricks and nothing worked - when I told him our phone lines were also down he thought maybe there was a connection and not to give up home.

Today another technician (a more senior one I'm told) is going to be at my house checking cables to see if we'll be able to get back up and running. Tomorrow someone is coming out to see about our phone line. In …

It's truly Monday...

It's so short!!

I think she cut about 7 inches!

At least it was a quick week...

We're working on quarter close this week...that's the close of the first quarter of the year...the first three months...y'know! Another measure of how fast this year is flying by. Even though it's hectic I prefer these busy times to the down time work-wise.

Today it's quiet. It's Friday (cue happy dance) and it seems like the work week had just started. Coming off a four day weekend it was hard coming into work on Monday and I was dreading the week...but look, I blinked and it's over. WooHoo!

(I keep backspacing b/c I am trying to police my use of exclamation points - I way overuse them!!!!!!!! So, now I'm into elipses...)
Anyway,  it is very dark outside at the moment and there are huge lightening bolts hitting behind the mall - that's the view from my window - the mall. It's been threatening to rain and it must be misting out there b/c I see the parking lots are wet, but I haven't actually seen the rain come down yet. I'm sure it'll s…

Easter Catch-up

We have been so busy I haven't had time to put together a good post about the rest of our Easter weekend! I did upload pictures today - I really didn't take that many and hope to take Emma out in her dresses (yep she had two...) and get some nice pictures at the park.

Friday night we met up with Jamie & Steven and Joyce & Bobo and the kiddos for dinner. There were Easter baskets galore!!! They had fun making a mess at dinner with all that Easter grass, too!  Saturday Michael & I ran all over the place - errands and I managed to squeeze in a mani/pedi while Emma napped. So long overdue, too! We were in and out of the house all day.

Sunday after church we ran to the grocery store before heading over to my parents' house (should have done that Saturday, too) and got caught in a downpour coming back out to the car. We managed not to melt somehow! After we went home to change the rain let up just a bit thankfully for us to get in the car and head to my parents' ho…


When you're out hunting Easter Eggs this Sunday don't forget the real reason we celebrate Easter...
Oh, and be sure to grab the big eggs first - they're sure to be the ones with the good chocolate candy!

Photo Friday: Wealth

And that makes me the richest woman in the world...

Full Thursday

Emma and I had a full day today - it started around 10:00 when Geddo & Teta and Boff & Anne came over to the house. Tomorrow is my regular Friday off, but since it's a holiday and we're off already my "Friday" off became Thursday (Yay for four day weekends)! We planned to go around The Woodlands today and let Boff & Anne see what was around here.
We started off at the mall - shopped and checked out the poor little dyed Easter Egg Chicks. That dye cannot be good for these little babies. They had little baby ducks, too and a lot of rabbits, though the rabbits weren't dyed any colors like the chicks and the ducks.
(sorry for the blur - this was taken quickly with my phone)
I bought a waffle iron while we were there, too - I've been wanting one for a while - tonight we had breakfast for dinner so I got to try it out! Mmmm...
When our stomachs told us it was lunch time we headed over to the waterway and had lunch at Goose's Acres. I love their Ahi Tuna…

I'm a Princess!

That's what she keeps telling me.

Thursday Morning Funny

OMG! The Flasher!!

(Thanks Ashley - I thought this was funny!)

Caught Reading

Scary creature

Almost stepped on this during our walk today. What is it?

Just a weekend update...

...b/c the weekend itself was too busy to spend any real time on the computer!
We had a busy & productive it's a short work week then Easter will be here. Wow - really!?!? Easter is now?
Friday after work we drove over to my parents - we grilled outside & played till it actually got too cool and moved it indoors. We got to check out daddy's new toy, too. 24 inch screen - I'm so jealous! Daddy kept running me off his computer - I think he needs to take some lessons in sharing from Emma! :D
I think Boff reminded Emma of Santa Claus b/c at first she shied (is that the right spelling) away from him - she eventually starting blowing him kisses from afar and talking to him pretty easily, but it was when he started drawing cartoon animals for her that she got very close! She was amazed watching the animals come to be on the paper!
Boof & Anne brought Emma some beautiful dresses as well, so I'll have to get Emma to model for me so I can get some pictures …

Photo Friday


I have this great picture of me when I'm about 8 years old standing with my Mother & my Grannie - now it sits on Emma's chest of drawers in her bedroom. I love the picture very much. When I saw the challenge for today's Photo Friday (which sadly I have not been participating in lately) was Grandmother, that picture was the first thing to come to mind. Maybe I'll get the other picture scanned soon & post it as a follow up to this entry. I thought I would post a picture of me with my Grannie (on her 94th b'day last year) and a picture of Emma with her Teta (from their tea party last Friday) for the Grandmother challenge - four generations w/ two grandmothers. I have a couple of four generation pics, too but they are from when Emma was a little baby. Hopefully I'll get an updated one soon.

Medium Format

Last time my parents went to Egypt my father's friend from the Navy (Egyptian Navy) sent a camera home with my parents for me! He was/is an artist in many forms, photography being one of them and has had many camera through the years. He was actually a frogman and took underwater pictures for a time in his life. Boff is so much fun to be around and so friendly.

So, the camera he sent back for me is a Mamyia RB67. I was thrilled to get it, but must admit at a loss for how to use it...I've never used a medium format camera before. And spoiled to digital, I was also hesitant about going back to film!  It's very sad to say, but for the past few months this camera has sat lonely up in my closet. Until yesterday - my parents and Boff came over for dinner since he is here for the month visiting. His wife, Ann is actually flying in today as well to stay for the rest of the visit. So - after dinner I got the camera out from it's lonely hide-away in my closet and Boff gave me a t…

Wordless Wednesday