Friday, March 13, 2009

Time for Summer Dresses?

A couple weeks ago when Emma and I went shopping with mother for a pattern and material for Emma's Easter dress, we also bought another pattern for a cute sundress and material for two dresses from the pattern. Today Emma and I spent my Friday off at my parents' house and Teta gave her the first of the two sundresses she made!

See my new dress? Teta made it!

And doesn't it go darling with her Rubber Boots!?!? The silver lining to this nasty weather is that Emma gets to wear her adorable rubber boots! LOL! It was warm enough in Teta & Geddo's house to model her new digs, but before leaving we had to put back on her warm clothes. I couldn't believe how cold it turned - we even had to put on our hearter after just having the AC on a couple days ago. And I just bought her new short sets and a couple other little summer dresses a few days ago. Gotta put 'em back up for a bit!

When we got home this evening it was too cozy inside to go out and we didn't feel like cooking so we splurged and had pizza tonight! Haven't done that in a long time - it was pretty fun and tasty actually!

Here are a couple more pics from today that I thought were cute!

I love my Geddo!

Reading with Teta

Emma stayed up late tonight, which I hope means she'll sleep late tomorrow. This morning she woke me up at 8:00 AM, after a night of being up till 4:00 AM. I couldn't sleep when we went to bed last night, so around 11:30 I came into the living room to read. I stayed there reading until 4:00 AM - I actually read all but about the last 15 pages of my book, but at that time I couldn't stay awake so I finally went to bed. Four hours later my darling came in the room to see me! So, tonight I plan to get a very good night's sleep!! We have a fun evening tomorrow that I want to be rested for - baby shower/birthday party/crawfish boil all rolled into one for a friend of mine having a little girl in about a month! Sadly the weather might move us indoors, but I am sure we'll still have a good time and there are supposed to be a few other kiddos for Emma to play with, too.

Tonight I'm also trying sponge rollers on my hair - something I haven't done since I was about ten - I really don't do a good job with rollers. I keep saying I am going to take my rollers to my hair dresser and ask her to show me how to roll my hair correctly. It's the ones on top I really have trouble with - they don't stay put. They want to fall forward all the time. With velcro rollers I can bobby pin the roller down, but you can't do that with hot rollers or sponge rollers. I'm going to look real attractive tonight lying down with huge sponge rollers in my hair - yeah, I have the huge ones for all my hair!! Hey - I can't help it - I have a lot of hair!

Side note: Have you ever heard of being "Rick Rolled" Me either! I have a few friends at the House of Blues tonight and they all said they had just been "Rick Rolled" by the performer there tonight. Another reason to love Google - so I don't have to admit my ignorance. Oops, too late! So, I'll tell you what I was told when I asked what it was: Google it!! ;) I love my friends for keeping me in the know!

I think last night is getting to me. I am trying to stay up and catch up on what everyone else did today, but my eyelids keep getting in the way...have a good night!

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  1. What a cute dress!!! You can tell Emma just adores it!!! Love the pictures!!!


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