Tea Party

Friday, March 27, 2009
Emma had visitors today - Geddo & Teta came over to have a tea party with her! And they brought yummy munchies for it, too. Cakes, cookies, cucumbers, grapes...all necessities for a good tea party! Oh, and of course the chocolate that Geddo said Emma had to have, too!

Today was also a great opportunity for me to practice with my new Speedlite, too. Indoors is so hard to shoot sometimes sans flash, but built in flashes just don't work - ever! I have a diffuser and a lightscoop for my pop-up flash, but honestly rarely use either, b/c the pictures still usually don't turn out well. Since I shoot in RAW the pictures I take indoors aren't hard to correct in CS2, though, but hopefully if I get good with the Speedlite I won't have as much correction to do to WB on my pictures in the future!

These were a few of my favorites below - you can see all of them here.

Here's a cup of tea for you Geddo!

Mmm...that's yummy cake Teta!

Emma cuts up the cucumbers for our tea party - she had a little trouble with her Tinkerbell knife, so Geddo had to help her out a little bit!

This was my favorite picture of her - she looks so sweet and beautiful! I try to put a barrette in her hair every day to keep it off her face and out of her eyes, but I do love the natural way her hair falls, too. It took forever for my baby girl to have any hair at all, but she has plenty now and maybe I'm biased, but I think it's beautiful! She has these perfect little curls in the back, too that are so sweet.

After the tea party was over we played for a while and then put Emma to bed for a nap. I've said it before, but I am really thankful that going to sleep has never been an issue for Emma, whether at naptime or bedtime. When it's time, she goes so easily - tells everyone night night and goes to sleep!  We all planned to go out to dinner after Micahel got home, so I wanted to make sure she was well rested so she wouldn't be unruly at dinner!

While Emma napped mother and I put the sheets back on the beds (I had done laundry this morning) and then cleaned up the kitchen - daddy actually took a little nap while Emma was sleeping, too. By the time Michael got home Emma had just woke and we all headed out for dinner - which was yummy! We had a good day today - tomorrow we have plans all day with friends, too so I'm heading to bed! Sleepy!