Rodeo Recap

Thursday, March 05, 2009
We did have a great time last night! It was hard to get up this morning b/c we were pretty tired, but still had a lot of fun! We were pretty high up that I wished I had taken my 300mm, but I still got a few shots that I liked. Two that I turned into fake tilt shifts/miniatures I really of the chuck wagon races and another overlooking the carnival.

Tiny Fair
ChuckWagon Minis

My parents ended up spending the night and I am glad they did b/c it was around midnight when we got home - they didn't need to be driving so late. Emma had a great time with them and is playing with them again today. I don't know if they are bringing her back tonight or if we're going to get her - I kinda hope we go get her b/c there is a great place that sells crawfish & I would love to get some for dinner! Depends really on if Michael goes to play ball tonight or not I guess.