Rainy Sunday Afternoon...

Sunday, March 15, 2009
We have had three days straight of rain and I think today it has been the coldest day of the weekend - it even felt colder when we were leaving church today than when we went into church. Yesterday we spent the afternoon at Emily's house for a crawfish boil/baby shower! I couldn't believe their yard - it was amazing - so many water features, fish pond, lily pond, beautiful exotic flowers - I was in awe! I have only kept one plant alive in my life!! LOL! My hubby is amazing with plants, too. He can grow anything. We've talked about putting a water feature of some sort in our back yard, but just haven't done it yet - maybe that can be a project for this summer.

On the way home we stopped for some groceries - today we're going to Joyce & Bobo's house along with Jamie and Steven and all the kiddos, too for some grilling and visiting! Emma is napping now. After church this morning we went for b'fast and she was quite the pill. I don't know if she just woke up too early or if she got donuts in Sunday School that hopped her up, but she wasn't my little angel, that was for sure! So, as soon as we got home it was to bed she went - you can always tell when she needs a nap b/c she doesn't hear a word you say and everything makes her whiny! Sheesh! I truly believe that God won't give you more than you can handle, b/c when Emma gets whiny like that and I think I don't have enough patience for it and put her down for a nap, she goes right to sleep so easily - and wakes up my little sweetie again! She'll have a better time playing this afternoon once she is rested - and so will the rest of us! LOL!

Right now I'm working on a brocoli cheese casserole to take  with us - I have only made one once before, so I had to inlist the advice of my sister b/c her's always turns out so yummy scrumptous! I hope this one turns out as good!