Playing in Plantersville

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Michael, Emma and I drove out to Plantersville today to spend the day with Sean, Alice, Connor and Alice's family! We always have a great time when we go out there and today was no exception! Alice's family is always so hospitable & graciousand I just feel like part of the family - even since the first time I met them when we were still in college (that's where I met Alice & Sean). And Emma loves playing with Connor - after seeing him she'll ask, "Where Connor go?" for at least two days!

We had yummy grilled chicken and pork loins ate outside overlooking the water and the little duck who was trying to nap, but kept being blown around the pond by the wind!! He was brave, too - Emma got within three feet of him and he didn't move!

After we ate Emma and Connor thought it best they get out of the wind - Emma was just complaining of an earache two days ago after all - so they headed back up the hill to the house and took us with me! Aren't they cute together?

Nana (Alice's Aunt Linda) had a couple of Leapster games with her that she keeps for the kids to play with - Emma had never played one before, but loved it. I think that might be what we have to get her for Easter. She loves the Leapfrog Letter Factory - I love it, too. Because of that DVD Emma knows her entire alphabet and what each letter says - I believe in Leapfrog now! She played one of the letter games for quite a while!

We put Emma in her pj's on the way home b/c I knew after a day of playing with Connor and John (Alice's nephew) and all that running around that she would be out before we made it even to Magnolia - and I was right, as usual ya know!!

Now Michael and I are watching Pearl Harbor - odd, but I'm wide awake. Soon as it's over, though gotta try to get some sleep. Church starts at 9:00 tomorrow!