March is really gone?

Monday, March 30, 2009
Well...almost! I can't believe how fast this year is flying by! Guess that's good, though b/c the saying is Time Flies When You're Having Fun...not When Things Suck!! LOL - guess that just means that life is good. And I must say I cannot complain! So, we're having fun and the days are just ticking away.

I know I talk about have fast Emma is growing - all the kiddos really - and that's one of the easiest measures to see how quickly time is moving. At work it's measured by how close we are to budget season again. Just last week in our staff meeting there was mention about getting out the budget letter to get it ready to send out. Okay - budget starts in September - that's FIVE months away and we're already talking about the budget letter?? Again, just shows that time is marching on!

And another holiday is coming up, too...Easter! It's on the 12th this year, which is my niece's birthday and my parents' anniversary, too. We were thinking about going up to East Texas for Easter, but my parents have company from Abu Dhabi here the whole month of April so they can't go up - plus I really think I want Emma to be in her own Sunday School class for Easter this year. She is getting to know the other kids and her teachers and I'm sure they'll do something special for Easter, so I would rather stay in town anyway.

Well, my morning is getting away from me, too so I better get back to work! I'll leave you with this month's desktop!