Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just thinking...

My baby girl is getting so big. Tonight she went to bed fine, but a couple of times she woke up...not really crying, but I don't want to say whining. She was holding her ear when Michael and I went in to check on her and said, "Kiss it...ear" - so I did and she went back to sleep the first time. The second time she woke up I decided to give her some Tylenol and ear drops - they would help relieve any pain and let her get a good night's sleep. The second time I asked her if she wanted Mommy to rock her and she said yes. When she was a little bitty thing I used to rock her all the time. I loved it. She would snuggle up to me and I would hold her tight and sing to her. She doesn't snuggle as much anymore - she's never still long enough - she only stops when she is asleep! She does give great hugs - big squeezes!! She just gives a great hug and goes on about her playing. She only snuggles when she isn't feeling well. I hate when she is sick, but do take advantage of the snuggle time. It comforts her and it comforts me, too.

So, I picked her up out of bed and we went to the rocking chair. She snuggled up on me the way she used to do when she was little, only this time she was a lot heavier and her legs are so long I had to curl them up on my lap to keep them from dangling down off the rocking chair. It really made me realize how much she has grown b/c it's been so long since I've rocked her. I mean, I know she's grown b/c of how many of her clothes I've had to retire lately b/c they either show midriff (shirts) or are high waters (pants). It was just a lot more real holding her tonight and realizing what a big girl my baby is.


  1. I kind of know what you mean, only from a different perspective. My friend Daughn's kiddo (Dustin) just turned 4... he's going so much it's hard to get a hug and a kiss goodbye in, let alone cuddling! The other night I went over and he came and sat in my lap and played his Nintendo DS for nearly an hour... I think it was partly because he hasn't seen me much lately... it's that time of year at school where it's hustle and bustle for me trying to (once again) get a full time position... so I haven't been going over as much (and I used to go over to see them several times a week)... I guess he misses me more than either him or I realize!

  2. I know they grow SO fast!! Enjoy every moment with t


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