I love 4 day weeks!

Monday, March 23, 2009
Last week we had a four day week even though it wasn't my Friday off - we were doing some system maintenance/upgrades, which meant we wouldn't be able to get into the system to work. So, most of our group took a day of PTO. It worked out great b/c mother was planning to drive up to East Texas Thursday morning, so I just asked her to wait on me and we drove up together instead. And since Michael had been talking about going hunting with his cousin he decided to take off Friday and half day Thursday as well and head out for the weekend, too. I hadn't seen Grannie since January & was anxious to get to visit with her. My sister and her daughter and grandkids were up there all week for Spring Break so Emma had a great time playing with her cousins!

Ring Around the Roses

Run as fast as you can!

The weather was so gorgeous they got to play outside and run around all weekend & Grannie sat out in the sunshine watching them play! I loved Grannie's psychedelic shirt, too!

Friday we spent most of the day over at my sister Teresa's new house - they bought a house that was on land adjoining their's b/c the couple who had lived there for so long decided to move closer to their daughter. His health is failing due to cancer and they decided it was time. The house my sister currently has up there has three bedrooms, which is perfect for her three kids and their families when they are visiting - but when they are ALL there my sister and her husband had been staying in the RV. Very comfy and cozy, but now she'll have her own house to stay in instead of the RV when the whole gang is there. It's a very nice little house, too. Three bedroom/two bad - gorgeous yard, too! There are pear trees, peach trees, pink magnolias, bridal wreaths, crepe myrtles and tons of flowers! They did redo some of the flower beds, though and my niece planted beautiful hydrangeas all along the front of the house. They are going to be so pretty when they are all huge and in bloom. I took advantage of the beautiful weather and flora and took TTV's & floral macro shots around the house as well!

My brother, David was working on the house for Teresa - she is redoing the inside completely. New cabinets, floors, and appliances - it's going to look so nice! They were putting up sheet-rock while we were there Friday. Saturday he and his wife came down to mother's to mow - the grass was pretty high since the last time we were there. His daughter and grand-daughter came down later that day to visit, too. Kinley is four months old, but growing so fast! I can't believe how much she had changed since the last time I saw her. Can't believe I didn't pull out the camera while she was there - we were just so busy visiting! Everyone came by mother's on Saturday - until it was time to drive back to Houston we never left!

Uncle Dave

The kids also took mother and Teresa on a couple walks - at one point they took mother through the woods. Jacob wanted to go on an adventure walk I think - we had to entice them to come back out, though - time for snakes to start wandering around again!!

We came home Saturday night and Michael had yummy boiled shrimp ready for us for dinner. Along with all the fixins - potatoes, sausage, corn, mushrooms, onion, garlic! Mmm Mmm Mmmm! Sunday night I actually put all the leftovers of that together in a tomato based sauce, seasoned it up and served it over pasta. All except the corn & potatoes actually - it was yummy, too!

Afterwards, though we had to spend the evening cutting up a hog Michael brought home with him. No, I didn't dress a dead hog - luckily that was already done - other than the pork loins & ribs we just had to cut the rest of it off the bone to put through the meat grinder. We put up the tenderloins and the ribs in the freezer and cut up the rest to put through mother's meat grinder. We're going over there tonight for dinner and to borrow the meat grinder so we can get the rest out of the cooler and into the freezer, too. I grew up in the country, but I never did stuff like that - I didn't hunt or deal with dead animals if at all possible!! I'm not a weenie, though so last night wasn't too bad. I am not sure if I could handle doing the initial skinning and all that stuff, though. I might wimp out at that point! Not too worried about it, though b/c I really doubt I'll have to test that theory out anytime soon! LOL!