Home Again...

Sunday, March 15, 2009
We just got home - the casserole turned out good! Yay!! Like I said, I've only made this once before so I was a bit wary about making it, but it's what Michael said he wanted - I didn't have any cream of mushroom like I thought I did, so I just used cream of celery. I also used Campbell's Nacho Cheese soup, too instead of using Velveeta or CheeseWiz or something like that. It actually turned about really good b/c the Nacho Cheese soup had a bit of a kick to it. I think it had chilies or something in it, too. Cream of mushroom probably would have been better than cream of celery, though - but most of it was eaten so I'll take that to mean it was alright!

Emma and Katelynn had a good time playing tonight. Joyce & Bobo have two dogs that keep them entertained, too! Emma went through a time where she was scared of big dogs - don't really know why b/c our dog is big - but she seems to have gotten over it finally. She loves Bacon & Jessie and they are really good dogs, too. Very sweet and smart! The house has a good set up in their garage, too - great for entertaining in weather like we had today. Their house was a model home, so the garage was the office before it was finally put on the market - that means that the garage has tons of shelves and cabinets and it's insulated and has AC/Heat - they put down an indoor/outdoor carpet, lights everywhere, big screen TV, stereo, fridge - it's a great set up when you don't want to just be in the house on the couch, but can't go outside.

This weather has to get better soon - Thursday night when I couldn't go to sleep and sat up till four o'clock in the morning reading it rained the entire time and I don't think it's stopped since then. The rain was greatly needed, but I think we have enough now.

Sigh - well, it's time to snuggle on the couch for a while! We've had a great weekend, but tomorrow starts another work week. I meant to do some work from home this weekend actually, but honestly didn't really have the time. We were on the go most of the weekend. G'night!