Hair & Make-up Lesson

Sunday, March 01, 2009
We got the pattern, material, & notions for Emma's Easter dress Friday - and Saturday evening mother called to let me know that it was finished!! She is so amazing - maybe she'll teach Emma how to sew, too!! We spent Friday at my parents' house & Teta gave Emma a hair and make-up lesson while she was getting ready to go out. While we were looking for Emma's Easter dress material we found another very cute little sun dress pattern so bought fabric & notions for two more dresses for Emma. I can't wait to see them finished, too!

Emma stayed with Teta & Geddo Friday night so Michael and I decided to go see a movie - well, we tried to! We went to the Movie Tavern - bought tickets, sat down, ordered food - and then while sitting there with our food in front of us the movie starts and we realize we were in the wrong theater! We went into #3 instead of #2 - though Michael says he was just following me! That I was the one that went into the wrong theater!

Well, since we already had our food and a ticket started we didn't think we could move to the next theater and I wasn't even sure if the other movie that we had WANTED to see had started - so we just stayed put. We wanted to go see Taken, but ended up watching Paul Blart: Mall Cop. It was okay - we did laugh. Kevin James is usually pretty funny anyway, but I was pretty disappointed b/c I wasn't really in the mood for that movie. So, on the way home I told Michael to stop at Redbox and see about finding a good movie to watch at home. We ended up getting Hancock, which was great! I love Will Smith and this movie was so good - lots of action, which is what I wanted to see, and some funny parts, too! I figured out the twist that came out in the movie, too. It was kinda predictable, but it was still really good! So, all in all not a lost movie evening!

Saturday morning I headded to Elaine's house early and went drove down to U of  H to take pictures.  Universities was the February assignment for the Flickr Group Assignment Houston - so we got in our pics just under the wire!! We also made a stop at Texas Art Supply to get Elaine a couple of frames - she has some of her TTV's on display/sale at Taft Street Coffee shop. So we also stopped there to drop off a few more of her pics. After that we went to Coffee Groundz for lunch and to see another friend's pics that were on display there. That was our last stop before heading home, but decided to drive by Christine's new studio. It was locked up so we had to peak through the windows, but it looks really nice!

It was about 4:00 when I got home - I didn't think I would be that late, but we were having a good time - and Michael had already gone to my parents' to visit for a while and pick up Emma and was home working on scalloped potatoes to take to our friend's house. He also bought peppers to make poppers - jalepenos w/ cream cheese wrapped in bacon and put on the grille - so once we had all that finished we were on the road again! There were several of us that got together last night and all the kiddos got to play! Jamie and Steven were there so Emma got to play with Katelynn! All the kids had fun and the adults had a good time talking and eating - they grilled up a ton of food! Ribs, pork loins, poppers, venison, wings - there was so much food!

This morning we got up and went to church and now Emma is napping and Michael ran to the store - we are taking advantage of this beautiful day and doing some yard/house work. We were going to meet my parents at the club for lunch for my mother's b'day, but decided to go for dinner tomorrow so we could take of the things we want to get done today. Tomorrow is her actual birthday anyway!

I can't believe it's already March! Timing is moving by so fast! It's time for the pretty flowers to start blooming - Michael planted a lot already and it putting out the rest today. He also got the vegetable garden ready - he planted the onions, but I think he is going to start the tomatoes today, too. Emma's favorite! I think when she wakes up from her nap we'll walk down to check the mail and see if any of her friends are out this afternoon!