Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Get ready...Get set...

It's rodeo time again here in Houston!

We only went once or twice last year - this year we are going tonight and would like to go one Saturday so that we can take Emma to play and see the animals! I think she would really enjoy it this year! We're going tonight mainly b/c we got tix from a friend & a parking pass - though, don't get me wrong, I love Alan Jackson - it's just hard to go during the week sometimes. I'm glad we're going, though b/c I know we'll have a good time! Geddo & Teta are coming over tonight to stay with Emma while we're gone. She'll love that!

I would LOVE to go see Josh Turner! Swoon - love his voice! He is pretty cute, too but it's the voice that does me in! LOL! The rodeo is always a lot of fun! I've always enjoyed watching it every year - I love the broncs, but the calf scramble is one of my favorites to watch! It's usually pretty funny and I love cheering on the kiddos! This picture is from a previous rodeo of the calf scramble - I turned it into a fake tilt shift (fake miniature).  Michael said his cousin did this one year and caught a calf! I always feel bad for those that don't catch one, but they are all good sports about it and usually end up helpign out other kids catch their own.

Get ready...Get set...


  1. Yeah!! I love this for the first time ever we did not go last year since I was pregnant!! So I am pumped this year we are going on the last night March 22 (Steven Richards birthday!=) to see the finals and ZZ top! I am excited it will be his first rodeo! We saw Josh Turner a few years ago with some friends from work and OMG you are not lieing his voice is incredible!!!! =) I love Alan Jackson he sings so many songs I actually know!!=)
    That is really neat about Michael getting a calf we always go to the Fort Bend County Fair out here and come to think of it we did take Steven Richard there when he was little so he has gone to a smaller rodeo! It is so fun to watch the kiddos!! I can not wait to go so much fun!! Glad you guys got to go and have a good time!

  2. Have a good time! My best friend and I, along with Kristen and her best friend, are going tomorrow night of course to see my honey Clay! Then I'm being very brave and taking Kristen and her best friend on Sunday to the Jonas Brothers. Can't believe I got through for tickets. I already told Kristen that while they are jumping up and down and screaming, I'll be quietly sitting in my seat drinking beer in order to tolerate 70,000+ screaming girls. Then Kristen and I are going again with Ronnie's cousin to Pat Green. James doesn't care to go to the rodeo at all and Ronnie could care less, so it is usually just a girls' thing.


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