Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cool tip for microwave cleaning...

Saw this on the GoodHousekeeping site:

Put a chopped up lemon, lime or orange and several tablespoons of vinegar and a cup of water into a large (about 4 cups) sized microwaveable bowl. Put this in your microwave on high until the water boils and the window is steamy - then let it sit for 15 minutes before you open the door and wipe out the inside with a cloth or sponge (I usually use paper towels for cleaning up honestly). Then you can just use a mixture of vinegar and water to clean the window if it's greasy - I use this mixture for regular cleaning a lot already. I bet your microwave will sure smell nice after boiling that citrus in there, though!

Might give this one a try!


  1. This afternoon is my cleaning day I might just have to test this out! Thanks!

  2. Interesting. I'll give it try as well!


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