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March is really gone?

Well...almost! I can't believe how fast this year is flying by! Guess that's good, though b/c the saying is Time Flies When You're Having Fun...not When Things Suck!! LOL - guess that just means that life is good. And I must say I cannot complain! So, we're having fun and the days are just ticking away.

I know I talk about have fast Emma is growing - all the kiddos really - and that's one of the easiest measures to see how quickly time is moving. At work it's measured by how close we are to budget season again. Just last week in our staff meeting there was mention about getting out the budget letter to get it ready to send out. Okay - budget starts in September - that's FIVE months away and we're already talking about the budget letter?? Again, just shows that time is marching on!

And another holiday is coming up, too...Easter! It's on the 12th this year, which is my niece's birthday and my parents' anniversary, too. We were thinking about goi…

Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes X3 for this weekend! For my cousin Chuck, my niece LaTasha, and Michael's aunt Joyce!!! I hope you all had a wonderful b'day!!

Joyce - we'll have to catch up for dinner one day this week to celebrate - b'days last all week, right!?!? Love you!

Love all of you - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Playing in Plantersville

Michael, Emma and I drove out to Plantersville today to spend the day with Sean, Alice, Connor and Alice's family! We always have a great time when we go out there and today was no exception! Alice's family is always so hospitable & graciousand I just feel like part of the family - even since the first time I met them when we were still in college (that's where I met Alice & Sean). And Emma loves playing with Connor - after seeing him she'll ask, "Where Connor go?" for at least two days!

We had yummy grilled chicken and pork loins ate outside overlooking the water and the little duck who was trying to nap, but kept being blown around the pond by the wind!! He was brave, too - Emma got within three feet of him and he didn't move!
After we ate Emma and Connor thought it best they get out of the wind - Emma was just complaining of an earache two days ago after all - so they headed back up the hill to the house and took us with me! Aren't they cute …

Tea Party

Emma had visitors today - Geddo & Teta came over to have a tea party with her! And they brought yummy munchies for it, too. Cakes, cookies, cucumbers, grapes...all necessities for a good tea party! Oh, and of course the chocolate that Geddo said Emma had to have, too!

Today was also a great opportunity for me to practice with my new Speedlite, too. Indoors is so hard to shoot sometimes sans flash, but built in flashes just don't work - ever! I have a diffuser and a lightscoop for my pop-up flash, but honestly rarely use either, b/c the pictures still usually don't turn out well. Since I shoot in RAW the pictures I take indoors aren't hard to correct in CS2, though, but hopefully if I get good with the Speedlite I won't have as much correction to do to WB on my pictures in the future!

These were a few of my favorites below - you can see all of them here.

Here's a cup of tea for you Geddo!

Mmm...that's yummy cake Teta!

Emma cuts up the cucumbers for our tea party …

Just thinking...

My baby girl is getting so big. Tonight she went to bed fine, but a couple of times she woke up...not really crying, but I don't want to say whining. She was holding her ear when Michael and I went in to check on her and said, "Kiss it...ear" - so I did and she went back to sleep the first time. The second time she woke up I decided to give her some Tylenol and ear drops - they would help relieve any pain and let her get a good night's sleep. The second time I asked her if she wanted Mommy to rock her and she said yes. When she was a little bitty thing I used to rock her all the time. I loved it. She would snuggle up to me and I would hold her tight and sing to her. She doesn't snuggle as much anymore - she's never still long enough - she only stops when she is asleep! She does give great hugs - big squeezes!! She just gives a great hug and goes on about her playing. She only snuggles when she isn't feeling well. I hate when she is sick, but do take advan…

A Mold Allergy?

Turns out I am allergic to mold - isn't everyone, though? Mold was the only thing that popped up on my tests today. The doctor said to wear masks when dusting and cleaning or working outside. He also told me to get these special mattress & pillow covers and only use covers that can be washed easily and often on our bed. I got a prescription for Allegra D that I am supposed to take every day and use a nasal rinse every day and especially on days I clean or work outside.

Well, it isn't a serious allergy at all - I figure this applies to...well, everyone - but since I have such bad headaches and migraines I guess it's just a little more painful to me when my sinuses get irritated like that. I hate having to take a pill daily b/c I NEVER remember. I am really going to try, though - put it by my toothbrush and put a few in my purse b/c I know I'll leave the house w/out taking it on days.

It's good that I don't have any serious allergies, but at the same time I ki…

It has arrived!!

Reading with Geddo

I love 4 day weeks!

Last week we had a four day week even though it wasn't my Friday off - we were doing some system maintenance/upgrades, which meant we wouldn't be able to get into the system to work. So, most of our group took a day of PTO. It worked out great b/c mother was planning to drive up to East Texas Thursday morning, so I just asked her to wait on me and we drove up together instead. And since Michael had been talking about going hunting with his cousin he decided to take off Friday and half day Thursday as well and head out for the weekend, too. I hadn't seen Grannie since January & was anxious to get to visit with her. My sister and her daughter and grandkids were up there all week for Spring Break so Emma had a great time playing with her cousins!

The weather was so gorgeous they got to play outside and run around all weekend & Grannie sat out in the sunshine watching them play! I loved Grannie's psychedelic shirt, too!

Friday we spent most of the day over at my sist…

Let there be light!

I've never done flash photography - it's always kinda scared me...but the truth is I take a lot of indoor pictures of Emma and while there is decent light that comes in from outside, it isn't enough really. So, not only b/c of the indoor pictures of Emma, but in the spirit of advancing my picture skills, I have finally bought a flash for my camera!

I have been looking at the Canon Speedlite 430Ex a while and finally decided it was time to get it! Now I'll have to learn to use the thing, but I am pretty sure I'll figure it all out! I bought a diffuser for it as well. It should be here in about a week! Yay!!

Are you wearing green...??

Home Again...

We just got home - the casserole turned out good! Yay!! Like I said, I've only made this once before so I was a bit wary about making it, but it's what Michael said he wanted - I didn't have any cream of mushroom like I thought I did, so I just used cream of celery. I also used Campbell's Nacho Cheese soup, too instead of using Velveeta or CheeseWiz or something like that. It actually turned about really good b/c the Nacho Cheese soup had a bit of a kick to it. I think it had chilies or something in it, too. Cream of mushroom probably would have been better than cream of celery, though - but most of it was eaten so I'll take that to mean it was alright!

Emma and Katelynn had a good time playing tonight. Joyce & Bobo have two dogs that keep them entertained, too! Emma went through a time where she was scared of big dogs - don't really know why b/c our dog is big - but she seems to have gotten over it finally. She loves Bacon & Jessie and they are really g…

Rainy Sunday Afternoon...

We have had three days straight of rain and I think today it has been the coldest day of the weekend - it even felt colder when we were leaving church today than when we went into church. Yesterday we spent the afternoon at Emily's house for a crawfish boil/baby shower! I couldn't believe their yard - it was amazing - so many water features, fish pond, lily pond, beautiful exotic flowers - I was in awe! I have only kept one plant alive in my life!! LOL! My hubby is amazing with plants, too. He can grow anything. We've talked about putting a water feature of some sort in our back yard, but just haven't done it yet - maybe that can be a project for this summer.

On the way home we stopped for some groceries - today we're going to Joyce & Bobo's house along with Jamie and Steven and all the kiddos, too for some grilling and visiting! Emma is napping now. After church this morning we went for b'fast and she was quite the pill. I don't know if she just wok…

The loves of my life

Time for Summer Dresses?

A couple weeks ago when Emma and I went shopping with mother for a pattern and material for Emma's Easter dress, we also bought another pattern for a cute sundress and material for two dresses from the pattern. Today Emma and I spent my Friday off at my parents' house and Teta gave her the first of the two sundresses she made!

And doesn't it go darling with her Rubber Boots!?!? The silver lining to this nasty weather is that Emma gets to wear her adorable rubber boots! LOL! It was warm enough in Teta & Geddo's house to model her new digs, but before leaving we had to put back on her warm clothes. I couldn't believe how cold it turned - we even had to put on our hearter after just having the AC on a couple days ago. And I just bought her new short sets and a couple other little summer dresses a few days ago. Gotta put 'em back up for a bit!
When we got home this evening it was too cozy inside to go out and we didn't feel like cooking so we splurged and had…


Cool tip for microwave cleaning...

Saw this on the GoodHousekeeping site:

Put a chopped up lemon, lime or orange and several tablespoons of vinegar and a cup of water into a large (about 4 cups) sized microwaveable bowl. Put this in your microwave on high until the water boils and the window is steamy - then let it sit for 15 minutes before you open the door and wipe out the inside with a cloth or sponge (I usually use paper towels for cleaning up honestly). Then you can just use a mixture of vinegar and water to clean the window if it's greasy - I use this mixture for regular cleaning a lot already. I bet your microwave will sure smell nice after boiling that citrus in there, though!

Might give this one a try!

Catch up!

I was trying to post something daily, but see I've already missed two days this week - oops! We are chillin at home right now- full with yummy food! We met Joyce, Bobo (Michael's aunt & uncle) and the boys tonight for dinner. Bobo is hysterical with Emma!!

Before that I spent over an hour at the allergist's office. My headaches have been so bad lately and so many things could cause them - stress, hormones, sugars, allergies... So I've finally decided to try again (one of many attempts since I was 4) to see if I can't find something that is a cause that I could remedy - allergies. Today they did a CT scan and skin test and I have to go back next week to do another skin test, this time for food and mild allergies. The doctor also gave me nose spray and nasal rinse - if you've never done this, it's well...different. Not terribly comfortable, but clears you out!!

Well, now it's time to catch up on DVR'd shows - Idol tonight!

Is it safe to come out yet?

Emma peeking out of the barrel!


I'm so glad we were able to take Emma to the rodeo tonight! She had so
much fun and got to play with Katelynn! They had a great time! She was
so tired, though she didn't make it out of the parking lot after
dinner! She started early this morning bc we had the 5k Race Against
Violence for the Women's Center that we had to leave at 6:30 for so
she's been on the to all day today! She should sleep good tonight & so
should I - I'm pooped!

Getting excited

Ready for the race

Yay for Friday!

Rodeo Recap

We did have a great time last night! It was hard to get up this morning b/c we were pretty tired, but still had a lot of fun! We were pretty high up that I wished I had taken my 300mm, but I still got a few shots that I liked. Two that I turned into fake tilt shifts/miniatures I really of the chuck wagon races and another overlooking the carnival.

My parents ended up spending the night and I am glad they did b/c it was around midnight when we got home - they didn't need to be driving so late. Emma had a great time with them and is playing with them again today. I don't know if they are bringing her back tonight or if we're going to get her - I kinda hope we go get her b/c there is a great place that sells crawfish & I would love to get some for dinner! Depends really on if Michael goes to play ball tonight or not I guess.

AJ is down there somewhere!

Sounds great!! The new stage is pretty cool! Lots of new lights.

At the rodeo

Parking pass put us at the door, but our seats are way up there! :)

Get ready...Get set...

It's rodeo time again here in Houston!

We only went once or twice last year - this year we are going tonight and would like to go one Saturday so that we can take Emma to play and see the animals! I think she would really enjoy it this year! We're going tonight mainly b/c we got tix from a friend & a parking pass - though, don't get me wrong, I love Alan Jackson - it's just hard to go during the week sometimes. I'm glad we're going, though b/c I know we'll have a good time! Geddo & Teta are coming over tonight to stay with Emma while we're gone. She'll love that!

I would LOVE to go see Josh Turner! Swoon - love his voice! He is pretty cute, too but it's the voice that does me in! LOL! The rodeo is always a lot of fun! I've always enjoyed watching it every year - I love the broncs, but the calf scramble is one of my favorites to watch! It's usually pretty funny and I love cheering on the kiddos! This picture is from a previous rodeo…

Help Blowing Out the Candles

Last night at dinner for mother's birthday Isabel & Emma had to help her blow out her candles! Emma was actually trying to blow them out before we finished lighting them!! LOL! They had a great time playing together - they always do - and were the entertainment for us all!

This picture of Emma & Katelynn was Saturday at our friends' house - Emma's other partner! They had a great time playing and both seemed to love Coby's little easy chair! We might have to look around for one for each of them now - huh Jamie??

Happy Birthday Teta

We love you Teta,
Michael, Hanna, & Emma
Today is also Mother's six month visit to her oncologist. She is there now - or about to me - to have blood work, CT scans & chest x-rays done. She had been going every three months, but b/c everything has been looking so well, it's been moved to only every six months now! Blessings come every day!

Happy Birthday Mother!
I hope you have a wonderful day today!! See you tonight!

P. S. Today is also Texas Independence Day!

Hair & Make-up Lesson

We got the pattern, material, & notions for Emma's Easter dress Friday - and Saturday evening mother called to let me know that it was finished!! She is so amazing - maybe she'll teach Emma how to sew, too!! We spent Friday at my parents' house & Teta gave Emma a hair and make-up lesson while she was getting ready to go out. While we were looking for Emma's Easter dress material we found another very cute little sun dress pattern so bought fabric & notions for two more dresses for Emma. I can't wait to see them finished, too!

Emma stayed with Teta & Geddo Friday night so Michael and I decided to go see a movie - well, we tried to! We went to the Movie Tavern - bought tickets, sat down, ordered food - and then while sitting there with our food in front of us the movie starts and we realize we were in the wrong theater! We went into #3 instead of #2 - though Michael says he was just following me! That I was the one that went into the wrong theater!