Three Day Weekend

Friday, February 06, 2009
This isn't my Friday off, but Michael was taking off today b/c he went out of town so I decided I would take off, too & take care of some things, too. This morning before he left with his friends, we took the car to the dealership - they needed to do an upgrade to the keyless entry and put the plates on. My friend Kim and her daughter are going to pick up me and Emma for lunch then to go get the car. After that Emma & I are going to Teta's house - Geddo is gone for the weekend, too for work so it'll just be the girls. We're spending the night b/c in the morning we'll be going to the Commons in Huffman (where my niece lives) - they have an annual carnival & BBQ cookoff there with lots of rides and things for kids to do and vendors. My nephew's wife will have a booth and my niece and her mother-in-law will also have a booth. Emma will get to see a lot of her cousins, too so I know she'll have a good time!  I think the carnival is all day so we'll see how long we can hang out!

I want to take advantage of the pretty weekend & take some pictures, too. I haven't had too many opportunities to use my new camera yet. I was hoping my new camera (Kodak Starflex) would be here today so I could take it with me. I wanted to start doing some TTV shots. Doesn't look like it will be here though before I leave today. I've done a few in photoshop, but would like to do some real ones.  Hopefully the weather will be nice the weekend after it arrives, too and I'll get to go snap some pictures!

Well, it's almost time for us to go to lunch with Kim & Savana (her daughter) so I'm going to finish getting us ready!