Strawberry Shortcake

Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Michael brought home yummy looking strawberries yesterday & a while back our neighbors taught us a new method for strawberry shortcake - I guess this qualifies as strawberry shortcake - it's yummy anyway!!


I cut up the strawberries way ahead of time (try not to eat too many while you're slicing - they are so yummy!) - sprinkle sweetener on them (Splenda, Sugar, Powdered Sugar - whatever you like) and if they aren't juicy enough on there own I add a tiny bit of water to them to make almost a syrup. Give 'em a shake or stir & put them away in the fridge.

That's the hardest part!


Next comes the cake - storebought is just as sufficient as homemade in my opinion, but if you prefer to make an Angel Food Cake yourself, please go ahead. Betty Crocker I am not, so we just use the storebought kind! Slice a generous serving for each & place it in a bowl...but...


Tear it up real good first! This is the best part b/c you can sneak a bite or two of cake while you're tearing! Nothing neat about this part either - if you're obsessive about them being the same size I guess you could cube the cake with a knife, but c'mon this is more fun & honestly soft Angel Food Cake doesn't cut so neatly sometimes!!



Now the best part - just heap spoonfuls of the strawberries all over the cake, make sure to get plenty of the syrup, too so the cake can soak it all up, then put a generous portion of whip cream on top! YUM! Emma loves this, too. She got her own bowl last nigtht! She mostly just ate the strawberries & whip cream, though! LOL!