Slumber Party

Wednesday, February 11, 2009
My parents came over yesterday to stay with Emma - she is mostly better now, but I still don't want her passing anything to the other kids or picking up anything else - I am sure her immune system isn't 100% yet - so they came back this morning to stay with her, too. Well, actually to pick her up. They are going to take her back to their house this morning to spend the day/night and tomorrow after work Michael and I will go pick her up. I'm off Friday (and Monday come to think of it - Presidents' Day) so she'll be back with me - can't spend too many nights away from my pumpkin!!

This morning when I left she came to the front door with her Teta to wave goodbye - then she was off like a flash to go sit back with her Geddo to watch cartoons & drink her 'chockit' milk!!

I don't know what Michael & I are going to do without her tonight - we'll have to make a date of it I guess & go out or something!!! WooHoo! We'll have a date this weekend for Valentine's, I know, but if we don't go do something tonight I'm sure we'll be missing her - she's only stayed overnight a few times & it's always been when we had something going on to keep us occupied. It's a lot easier now than when she was so much younger, that is for sure!