Printable Check List

Thursday, February 12, 2009
I'm a list maker - an obsessive list maker. If I don't write it down, I don't remember it - made me a great note-taker in college, too! I have lists for everything...groceries, to-do, work items for the day, packing lists if we're going somewhere...whatever!

Via another blog I read, I found this very cool little site - granted if you use Excel you could do the exact same thing - but there are people that do not use Excel & thus this site would be a very useful alternative!checklist

It's called Printable Check List. It's Eeeeeasy! Anyone can use it - and if you have a list you use over and over, instead of printing it you can put it in PDF form and save it to your computer to print over and over again w/out having to recreate it. At work we have software installed already to create PDF files, but if you don't you can use CutePDF - it's free & easy - it's for PCs. Macs some with software already installed for printing to PDF format (smarty pants).

It doesn't have a lot of features - you can't personalize the look - so if you want a pretty checklist use Excel or Word or something else. If you just want an easy, peezy way to make a check list for yourself & like cool tools, though then it's for you!