The Morning After

Thursday, February 12, 2009
We had a good time yesterday...both at the happy hour & after! It was fun to be social with my coworkers & loosen up and have a few drinks. When I got home Michael was ready to go out himself so we headed out for more margaritas (that's what we were having at the Happy Hour) if you can believe it! He drank the large while I drank the small so he could catch up!! LOL!! Then it was back home for a wild night watching American Idol that we DVR'd! HA - hey we aren't 25 anymore after all - and we did have to come to work this morning!

We did have a good time, though. Miss my baby girl too much to do it every night, though! One night at a time away from Mommy is enough - we'll go pick her up this evening after work.

Then it's another four day weekend for me. This Friday is my Friday off & Monday we're off for Presidents' Day - last year our extra holiday was during 4th of July. And in the middle of all that is Valentine's Day! I still don't know what I am going to get for Michael - we might just limit it to the date itself as the gifts for both of us!

I brought my camera to work with me today - it's been so gorgeous outside that I thought a picture walk would be nice for lunch today. The radio said it was supposed to be up to 75 this afternoon, so that should be just perfect. I wish I had my TTV setup ready to go, but I haven't finished making my contraption yet. That will be a good weekend project. Tomorrow I'll be stuck at home all day anyway b/c AT&T is coming out to the house - we're switching to Uverse and getting away from Dish & also changing from DSL to the fiber optic network - finally moving ahead with technology! Anyway - they are supposed to be out sometime between 8 & 10, but then the process will take about 4-6 hours, too. They'll set up our home networking/wi-fi, too. I had wi-fi already set up, but they will redo it all using their equipment - which means I'll return the new replacement router I had just bought a couple weeks ago!

So, it's 8+ hours to go then on to my 4 day weekend! Ciao!