Monday, February 16, 2009

Miss Independent

Emma has two new favorite quotes - "WHY?" and "I do it myself!!!"

For every answer she gets, whether it's the one she wants or not, she comes back with "Why?" I didn't think she was old enough for all the questions, but apparently so! And anytime she needs to do anything that I normally help her with, like getting dressed, she comes back with the very determined declaration  "I do it myself!!" She actually does a pretty good job of getting dressed on her own, though - she almost always gets her shoes on the right feet & once she figures out both legs don't go in the same hole, she gets her pants pulled up, though a bit twisted! The other day she was in her pj's and disappeared to her room and when she came out she was still in her pj's, just a completely different pair!

Today we're going some place new for Emma - since our office is closed today for President's Day we are going to visit with my friend/coworker that lives very close by. We  have worked together for a long time and she moved close by some time back, but we never seem to get a chance to see one another outside of work! So, last night on the way home from dinner (we went down to the Galleria to meet friends) I sent her a message to see what she was up to today. I think her kids still have school so she'll be home alone - she is getting her house ready to go on the market so even though the office is closed she'll be working hard! I told her Emma would be a good lunchtime distraction!

Just have to say: Right now she is walking around in her pj's, the high heels her daddy got her, one pigtail (b/c she pulled the other one down) with her baby tucked under her arm - she is about to change the baby's diaper b/c she "tinks - ooohh 'ross" - translation She Stinks, Ooooh Gross! Ack - gotta monitor the wipe usage, she'll use them all up! BRB!

OKay - she only had out three by the time I got there. Thank goodness she can't open the powder, b/c that's what she has pulled out now. Oh DESITIN! NO! She CAN open that - I'm a regular hurdler over here jumping over furniture to avert her from covering my living room in creamy butt balm that is hard to wipe off!

Back to my blog post - oh, not yet. Turns out Emma CAN open the powder! As I was typing I was watching her "pour" out the powder, thinking she was pretending and think how cute b/c she was even pretending it was going in the air and she was fanning it away with her hand  - b/c sometimes when I put powder on her, if it clouds in the air she'll fan it with her hands. I thought, "my darling is so imaginative - down to every detail." Yeah - no, she was really pouring the powder out onto the table and floors! Love my dyson, btw! Sucked up most of the powder, then I used the wipes Emma already had out to get in between the wood to get the leftover powder and what was all over the coffee table!!! Guess I won't underestimate her again!

I'll wrap up this post quickly b/c while I was on the floor wiping powder I noticed the dust was kinda thick under the couch, so I need to get that taken care of before we leave...

Mother  is on the road now driving to Broaddus to visit Grannie. Michael and I are planning to take Emma up there soon for a visit, too. Grannie's doctor told her at her last appointment that everything looked great - that she was even ready to go stay at her own house (she's been staying at my aunt's) if she was ready to! What a blessing!!

Okay - time to tackle the dust - which is now nice and white thanks to Emma!

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  1. Girlfriend, take advantage of the "powder cleanups" while you can. Wait til the teen drama starts. You will be pulling your hair out as am I!


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