Might be a four day weekend...

Sunday, February 08, 2009
Emma & I are back home now - waiting on Michael to get home. Emma & I might be staying home tomorrow, too though. She has been sick since yesterday evening. I don't know if she has a stomach virus or what - I thought it might be gone today, but she woke up still with a yucky tummy. Even if she is better this afternoon we will probably stay home. If it is a virus I don't want her taking it back to the babysitter's and give it to the other kids - that could be where she got it to begin with. If it's just a 24 or 48 hour thing I would like to get it out of her system before she goes back. If she still has it tomorrow we'll need to go to the doctor anyway b/c  she might need an antibiotic if it isn't out of her system after three days.

Right now I have her drinking Pedialyte to keep her hydrated and we did have a couple doses (per the pharmacist's direction) of children's Imodium and following the BRAT diet - Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and dry Toast. I'm hoping today is the end of it, though and she doesn't have to get on antibiotics.

She acts fine - she is still running around playing and acting like she feels fine. She isn't running any fever or hurting. I hope Michael and I don't get it if it is a virus - last thing we need is all three of us with a yucky tummy.

She did have a good time this weekend. Saturday at the Commons Cook-off she had a great time playing with her cousins. They got in the jumper (moonwalk) and played forever - they got coloring books and sat in the pavillion coloring - Emma & Isabel ran away from the monster (Mommy) running and screaming in that little girl high pitched squeal! She got new hair bows that Riane and her sister were selling at their booth - they are very cute and they stay in her hair so well. Of course Mommy got herself something, too. Hailey and her mother-in-law were selling cigar-box purses and I found one I really liked with very pretty beads on the handle. I'll have to take a picture later.

My new cameras didn't come in yet - maybe one day early next week they'll be there and then I'll have to plan a photo excursion to go test them out. I had hoped to get to take a lot of pictures at the carnival/cook-off, but we weren't there that long and I was chasing Miss Emma much of the time!

I think I'll take advantage of the quiet time before Michael gets home & nap along with Emma.