Jamie's Birthday Dinner

Wednesday, February 25, 2009
Last night we met for dinner at Olive Garden to celebrate Jamie's birthday. We had a great dinner - it did take a while to get it, though! We met around 7:00 (Jamie & Steven, Chasity & Willie, Jamie's mom Debbie, and of course all the kiddos!), but didn't sit down until 8:00 I think. So, as you can imagine we were starving by then & were ready for that wonderful Olive Garden salad & breadsticks! I ate way too much & Steven had bought Jamie the best ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins, so of course I had to try a small piece. I was worried about the sugar, but figured I would hopefully be home in bed asleep before it had a chance to give me a headache. The sugar didn't bother me last night thankfully, but we were all in the same boat on eating too much!! LOL!

We had a great time! Jamie's mom took Emma & Katelynn on "walks" around the restaurant while we were waiting to be seated and when they weren't walking they were entertaining themselves with all the Sweet 'n Low, Equal, & Splenda packets! Kids are so funny - the strangest things can keep them amused forever! And Mr. Jacob was just as happy as ever - well had to take turns hugging on him! He was smiling almost all night & then finally conked out before dessert! He missed the best part! HA HA!. He is just growing so fast, I swear he is a different little boy every time I see him! Jamie said the shirt he had on last night was 6-9 months - and it doesn't look like he'll be wearing it too long either! He's a healthy, growing boy!!

It was great to see everyone & I know Jamie was happy to have family come out & celebrate her birthday! She got some cute new pajamas, too - I'm sure she slept comfy last night! On the drive home I was sure that Emma was going to fall asleep herself, but Tinkerbell kept her captivated all the way home. Once we walked into the house, though it was a different story - straight to bed she went!!

And me not far behind her!