Emma Update

Tuesday, February 10, 2009
Well, she is still sick, but much improved from the weekend. She is still at home today, but my parents drove over bright & early this morning to stay with her at home today while I went back to work - I didn't even have to ask, they just called me last night & said they would come over to keep her for us. She is still acting like she feels just fine - she ate decent yesterday, but not great - though she is getting a lot of fluids in which is good.

I think I might try to go home for lunch & see how she is doing, too. Mother just called & said she ate a good helping of oatmeal for b'fast & now she is sitting in her high chair (she doesn't want to get down - Ha ha!) watching cartoons! She took two good naps yesterday - she normally only takes one. I am sure this just has her run down. I hope she rests good today, too. My sweet girl - I'm ready for her to be well again!