Thursday, January 22, 2009

Y'all be careful...

I guess it must be a Southern thing to say "Y'all be careful..." when saying good-bye to someone. I mean, I don't say it all the time, but it isn't an odd phrase to me if someone says, "Okay - see you later. Bye. Y'all be careful..." - there is no real meaning other than to say good journey or something like that in my mind. It isn't as common as most phrases, but still not something that is so foreign it would make me stop and think about what the person is trying to say to me.

There is a point here...

Last night we were watching American Idol- love the auditions - and there was a very country redneck gentleman auditioning. He didn't make it through and upon leaving to tell the judges bye, he said, "Be careful..." and the judges called that a threat. Paula Abdul actually said, "That's not something you say to people..." - um, I really don't see the harm. Now, if he glared at them and said it in a threatening manner, yes I could see where saying "be careful" could be used as a threat. But he didn't - he just said, "Thanks. Bye. Be careful..." as in be C-A-R-E-F-U-L. Anyway - Michael and I looked at one another and were both questioning the judges reaction.  Maybe it truly is just a Southern thing and they weren't accustomed to hearing that. Maybe it just made for better TV for the judges to be threatened, who knows.


  1. Jamie Kubeczka1/22/2009 04:33:00 AM

    We saw that samething... I thought it was weird too how Paula was reacting to it. She is so dramatic sometimes for me!

  2. That is crazy!! It goes to show looking back at my psychology class how peoples perception of the same thing can be SO different!! Alot has to do with how they grow up or what they are accustomed to! I guess they are not accoustomed to southern niceness! That is VERY extreme to me!

  3. That is strange...

    When I was 18 I lived with my boyfriend (David) and we had a room mate named Danny (did you ever meet Danny?) - anyways! - everytime Danny would leave to go out I would always tell him to "be careful" or "be safe" - he partied alot and because he was my friend (since we were 3) and I cared about him, it was just a nice way to say hey I care about ya and want you to be safe while your away.... I don't even know if I realized I was saying it, it was just what my family always said to me...

    One day he just went off on me telling me that I was trying to control him and tell him what to do, etc etc - I was baffled by this because I had no idea what he was talking about.... he wasn't my boyfriend, I was very busy in my own life planning my wedding and starting a new job, etc..... I asked him to explain what he meant by "try to control him" or "tell him what to do" - I swear his answer was that me telling him to "be careful" or to "be safe" was too controlling for him.... looking back there was way more to it than that - the truth was he was having problems with his Dad who he worked for....but my point here is that I was just baffled that he was so offended by those simple comments.

    by the way.... Danny and I talk now about once a week just to say hey and keep in touch and he ALWAYS tells me to "be careful" before we hang up - I however do not say anything more than "talk to you later"...

  4. I saw that too and thought that Paula overreacted. "Be careful" usually equals "be safe." If he had been threatening, he might have said "Watch your back." I felt sorry for him.


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