Weekend Visitors

Monday, January 12, 2009
This weekend I got to catch up with Alice! Friday night after Michael's birthday dinner Sean, Alice & Connor stayed overnight with us. The next morning Michael & Sean got up early & headed to Nacogdoches to Cycleland to spend the weekend on their four-wheelers. In the meantime, Alice, Connor, Emma & I spent the weekend playing! We thought we would get to run around a lot more, but turns out Emma & Connor decided naps were more important - and not at the same time! One would nap and then just before that one woke, the other would fall asleep! Thanks guys!!

We did get to play outside a lot and go to the park & Alice & and I took advantage of their downtime to visit & get play with some crafts - we made a ton of air fresheners this weekend! It also turned pretty cool outside so I guess it was good to be indoors!

Michael & Sean came home Sunday pretty tired - I don't think they slept too much Saturday night! They had a lot of fun, though. Alice & I let them know that the next weekend we all got together, the daddies were going to stay with the kiddoes while the mommies got to run around & play the whole time! We didn't hear much argument from them!