Take two of these & call me in the morning...

Monday, January 26, 2009
We've been sick in our house for over a week now. On the 16th Emma got the 2nd part of her flu shot (apparently when it is their first, kids get the flu shot in two doses instead of all at once) and since that Sunday she, then I, have been sick. Saturday (the 17th) she stayed with my daddy all day b/c I had to work and Michael was out of town. Daddy said then she had a runny nose most of the day. The next day Michael & I drove up to Lufkin to see my Grannie in the hospital (she's home now - I'll add that update next) & my mother who was staying with her, and drivign home that night Emma was cranky & told me her ear hurt. For the next few days we treated low fevers with Tylenol & treated her ears w/ eardrops from the doctor and had some pretty sleepless night - finally after about three days she started showing a lot of improvement. Then just when she started getting well I started to get it. My throat got scratchy Thursday & Friday I is when the raspy voice came. My throat has been burning since and my voice coming in and out. I haven't taken anything except chloraseptic for the pain in my throat hoping it would just run it's course. Though now I think it's moving b/c I'm beginning to get more congested and feeling it in my ears. My voice comes and goes and honestly it's only really bad in the evening. Last night I did have a hard time sleeping b/c I was coughing - I do need to buy some cough medicine today b/c I need to be able to sleep obviously. I am glad Michael hasn't got it this time, too. Makes it easier for me to rest and not feel guilty while he cooks dinner! I have a wonderful honey bunny!

In regards to my Grannie - she got to leave the hospital Thursday and went to my aunt's house - who lives about two miles from my Grannie. My mother stayed there with them a couple of days and then came home Saturday after living in the hospital with my Grannie the past month. Grannie is much improved - she has a cane, but mother said she can get along pretty well without it and she is eating much better. The antibiotics really messed up her tasters so she wasn't eating well for a long time. I think they have finally got out of her system, though and she is eating good again!! She is going to have home health come in to see her about three days a week I think - to help her get her strength back with physical therapy. We don't know what will happen after that, though - whether she is going back to her house & have someone come in and see about her or what. Mother wants her to stay with her here in Houston, but Grannie doesn't want to leave  Broaddus. I can understand not wanting to leave your home, but I just hope they find someone good to come take good care of her. I think someone is supposed to come talk to them soon so mother will be going back then to find out what options Grannie has.

I am just so thankful God took care of her and brought her home. She may never get all her strength back after this and may have to have more fulltime care, but she is home where she is comfortable and still her with us which is a blessing!