Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So, it's cold again...

No one is going to be able to stay well with this weather going back and forth - it was in the 70's two days ago and today it is cold again...


I am so glad Emma got a flu shot this year, b/c I know there is stuff going around and she just got over being sick so hopefully she won't get it again. Those nights aren't fun for any of us! Last night I woke up to her crying and jumped out of bed thinking, oh no, ear ache again - but by the time I made it to her room she was quiet again. So, I just peeked in and she seemed fine and was going back to sleep (if she had even woke up) so I went back to bed myself. Still didn't want to get out of bed this morning, though. My bed was so comfy and warm and after Michael left Emma came in to snuggle with me just before I had to get up - I would have been content just to stay there.

Thank goodness this is a short week for me - I am finally getting to take a Friday off. The last Friday off I had we were working and the one after that I wanted to take PTO, but that didn't happen, so this week I plan to be off on Friday b/c things are a bit more calm now. Not much, but mostly! If I'm not over all this crud, I may just dope myself up on chloraseptic and cough meds and me and Emma may veg out in the living room all day!


  1. I know EXACTLY how you feel!!
    The SAME thing happened to me last night a heard a loud cry and I asked Steven if he heard it and we waited...and THANK gooness nothing more!!!!
    So we got to go back to sleep! It is amazing when you have little ones how MUCH you value sleep!!! Cheers to getting a good nights rest!

  2. Stupid cold kill my plant


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