Seven Days Straight

Saturday, January 31, 2009
Yay! Doing a pretty good job of getting a daily post in! Made all seven days this week!

This morning Emma and I are hanging out at home while daddy went fishing with his buddy. After he gets home we have a few errands to run - get groceries - and then tonight Emma will get some father/daughter time b/c she is staying here with Michael while I go to Tiara Happy Hour. I haven't been in years and I am so excited that I am going tonight! I actually need to go get a tiara while we're out and about tonight - if I don't make it to buy one I may bum one from Elaine - I know she has a couple extra!

My throat is still killing me. I've started taking something for the congestion so maybe my throat will get better if I get another one of the problems resolved - it's all connected anyway! Emma is still going strong thankfully. I was so afraid she was going to relapse since I got this crud! She does have a cough every now and then, but that's it. While getting stuff organized with mother yesterday, we came across one of my dolls FROM FIRST GRADE! Emma has been playing with it ever since. She has discovered this the baby's little onesie can come off so she undoes it and then brings it to me to button back up! And over, and over, and over again! The doll is pretty big - about the size of a real 6-8 month old baby - and it's so funny to see her carrying him around! Kinda nostalgic, too thinking about the days when Crystal (my best friend back in the day) and I used to bring our babies (she had one of the same babies) into Ms. Nancy's first grade class. Seems so long ago!!!