Thursday, January 29, 2009

Product Pimping

I have two must-have-products in my bathroom vanity: Sensodyne & Chi Silk. I think if I were sent to a deserted island and could only take two things with me in the vanity category these are the ones I would take!

The Sensodyne is a must b/c I have a cracked tooth. I grind my teeth pretty bad and I guess that is what has caused the crack - obviously it's very sensitive b/c of that. I've tried to have a crown put on it, but they haven't been able to deaden me enough to do it - tried twice so far, though my dentist tells me they have a new drug to try. The alternative would be IV sedation and honestly I'm not too thrilled about unnecessarily being sedated in a dentis chair (my dad's cousin passed away doing that very same thing) I think I'll give the new drug a try first and if doesn't work, I'll use Sensodyne forever! It's cheaper anyway and it works! It works very well. I haven't had any pain in my tooth at all since I started using it!

As for the Chi - well, that love is pure vain! It's usually the only thing I put on my hair! When I get out of the shower I put a good amount on my wet hair, brush it through, and I'm done! When my hair dries I use the straight iron or curling iron just a bit and I'm ready to go! It doesn't weight my hair down and it makes it shiny and pretty - and no frizz (Though in this weather right now I'm figthing static, not frizz)! Maybe put a little hair spray if needed (again determined by the weather) and nothing else. Keeps my hair very healthy and soft and it smells really good, too.

So - I didn't really have much to say this morning - just thought about these two items as I got ready this morning and felt like sharing. I need to get back into daily posting so there could be more of these random postings in the days to come! Enjoy or not - you're here by choice right!?!? ;)

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  1. I love reading different peoples thoughts on things! We are doing that alot in class reading people comments and we have to post onthe discussion boards I do not mind it and learn from everyone as well! Keep them coming! The Chi Silk looks really good and contains no alcohol!


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