My Grannie

Saturday, January 03, 2009
Well our plans for this weekend changed a bit. We came down Thursday night and spent Friday in Nacogsoches with friends. We planned to have our big family Christmas today. This past week though my Grannie hasn't been feeling well and she got bad enough that my parents brought her from Houston (where she had been staying with them) to the hospital here per her doctor's request. Turns out she has pneumonia and she has been hospitalized. Learning this was actually a relief bc they know what is wrong and can get her well now. Hopefully she'll only be there a couple days. So we decided to postpone Christmas bc it wouldn't be Christmas without her there.

Michael, daddy, Emma & I are on the way to the hospital now to visit with her. Mom stayed last night and will stay in town a while with Grannie until she is feeling back to her normal spry 94-year-young self! She'll perk up when she sees Emma today too! Emma is passed out now in her car seat so she will be rested by the time we get there!!

So please just keep my Grannie in your prayers. They will take good care of her and get her well I'm sure, but at 94 years it just takes a little longer to heal.