I'm tired today

Friday, January 16, 2009
It hasn't been a hard day, but today was supposed to be my Friday off. So, I think that & the fact that I know I have to come in to work tomorrow, too has me very tired. Just thinking about the three days off I could've had & will be here instead makes me tired! That's the job, though. It's cyclical like that so there are times when I don't have much to do and other times when I feel like I'll never get all the work done. Right now we are working on the year end close, that's why it's so busy, but feeling like I could go right to sleep if I had two minutes to close my eyes isn't helping me concentrate today!! I think this calls for a double shot - I might walk downstairs to the Perk (our Starbucks) and get myself a double shot of espresso to perk me up! I went outside at lunch & the beautiful cool weather was definitely a pick-me-up!

I left earlier than lunch once today, too b/c I had to take Emma to the doctor. She isn't sick or anything, she just had to get her 2nd flu shot. I had already had to reschedule it once & since I was supposed to be off this Friday I had it scheduled for 9AM. I decided not to cancel it again since the babysitter and Emma's doctor are both pretty close to my office. I was gone & back in less than an hour. Emma did very well, too. She did cry a bit, but before I even got her pants back up (she gets her shots in the thigh) she was fine & waving at the nurse telling her good-bye!

Today her Geddo (grandfather in Arabic - my father) is coming to visit her! He is actually going to spend the night b/c he is going to keep her while I'm working tomorrow. Michael had plans to go out of town already. Mother is still in Lufkin with Grannie so I think after I get off work tomorrow (hopefully I'll only be working until noon) daddy, Emma & I are going to drive up and surprise them at the hospital. We'll probably spend the night & come home Sunday. I know that will brighten Grannie's & mother's day tremendously. Mother hasn't left the hospital more than twice I think since Grannie was admitted on the 2nd. I tried to get her to take a break for the weekend & come stay with Daddy & Emma Saturday while I worked, but she said she didn't think she could leave. So, I just thought we would bring the "break" to her - and I know seeing Emma will lift Grannie's spirit.

So, for the update on Grannie that I have neglected to give: The doctor had told us on the 6th that he gave Grannie a 25% chance of recovery. She had pneumonia & congestive heart failure - things didn't look good & he said it was probably best to call in the family. Well, now her pneumonia is gone & her heart is beating normal again (thank you God for your healing hand & for providing her a good doctor)! She is still finishing our her antibiotics & breathing treatments, though. Now she is still in the hospital b/c all this has left her very, very weak. She has been moved, though from critical care to the rehab floor in the hospital and is doing occupational therapy to help her get her strength back. After she goes home, though she will no longer be able to be on her own 100% like before. Most likely she will 24 assistance going forward. I think a case worker from Medicare is supposed to come talk to them next week about their options for home care. She may also just move in with my parents, but Grannie really wants to be in her home and in Broaddus, not Houston, but if that comes down to the only option, Grannie may just have to find the goodness in Houston! I'm just happy she is healing & can't wait to visit this weekend - the last time we visited we thought it was to say good-bye and I am so thankful this time I'm just going to say HI!