Geddo & Teta to the resuce!

Friday, January 30, 2009
I am now 1000% sure that sugar is a trigger for my migraines. I've "tested" it out over the past few weeks - going without sugar for a period of time then having some and indeed I had a migraine after I ate sugar. Well, last night Michael made cookies and I had a couple - this morning I woke up with a terrible migraine. Thankfully it was my Friday off, though I did have some work to do from home and oh yeah, I have a daughter to take care of!! Well, in the past I've had such a bad migraine that I couldn't function and had to call my parents to come over to help me with Emma. This morning my mother called and I told her I had another - I told her they didn't have to come over b/c I had taken my Imitrex and hopefully it would kick in soon. She said she would give me 45 minutes then would call back to check on me and if it wasn't better they would come over...

Luckily Emma was busy with her juice and Sesame Street and content to just sit on the couch, so I was able to rest my eyes lying in the living with her and didn't have to move too much. Soon though she was hungry and the thought of food revolted me b/c of the nausea with my migraine. Poor baby was going to have to settle for poptarts for b'fast. About the time she was working on the first half of one the door bell rang - it was my parents, her Geddo & Teta, coming over to fix b'fast and take care of us! I don't know what we would do without them - they come over to visit or help out whenever we need them and on a moment's notice at times, too. Emma was so glad to see them - and glad to get a good b'fast, too!! I told mother that's what she was really worried about - what Emma would have for b'fast not really me and my migraine (though I know she was worried about me, too)!!

About half an hour later my Imitrex was kicking in and my migraine symptoms were getting better - now I was dealing with the side effects from the Imitrex, but that's way better than the migraine - and we were eating bacon & eggs & biscuits! They had brought all the food for b'fast and even brought food for lunch which they left for us to fix later! They just left about five minutes ago (they have dinner plans with friends this evening). After I felt a lot better mother even helped me organize some things - I have a bunch of stuff ready for a garage sale and wanted to get it all gathered up and out of the way so I could have some more closet space. My front office is unfortunately the holding place for now for all that stuff. It's the one room that doesn't get too much traffic so I figured it was the only place to put it all until the next community garage sale. What doesn't sale though is either going for donation or in the trash - it isn't coming back into my house! I wish there was a place that would just come give me one price for everything then they could haul it all off and put it in a big garage sale or flea market or whatever. None of it's clothes, though - the Clothing Donation people come by about once a month and pick up any clothes I have to get rid of - that's very convenient. I wish I could do that with everything!!

Well, Emma is on the floor under her Pooh blanket with her head on her Pooh pillow (set mother & I made - well, I sewed some of the finishing seams!!) watching The Fox & The Hound. I think she is going to be asleep soon! Correction: I just peeked over - she is already asleep.

I think I'll take advantage and lie down with her for a bit myself - there are still some lingering side effects from the Imitrex and hopefully they will pass while we're resting. I still have some more work to do, too but at the moment I'm on standby waiting on some more information - so maybe that will be ready after a quick nap, too!