Saturday, January 31, 2009

Seven Days Straight

Yay! Doing a pretty good job of getting a daily post in! Made all seven days this week!

This morning Emma and I are hanging out at home while daddy went fishing with his buddy. After he gets home we have a few errands to run - get groceries - and then tonight Emma will get some father/daughter time b/c she is staying here with Michael while I go to Tiara Happy Hour. I haven't been in years and I am so excited that I am going tonight! I actually need to go get a tiara while we're out and about tonight - if I don't make it to buy one I may bum one from Elaine - I know she has a couple extra!

My throat is still killing me. I've started taking something for the congestion so maybe my throat will get better if I get another one of the problems resolved - it's all connected anyway! Emma is still going strong thankfully. I was so afraid she was going to relapse since I got this crud! She does have a cough every now and then, but that's it. While getting stuff organized with mother yesterday, we came across one of my dolls FROM FIRST GRADE! Emma has been playing with it ever since. She has discovered this the baby's little onesie can come off so she undoes it and then brings it to me to button back up! And over, and over, and over again! The doll is pretty big - about the size of a real 6-8 month old baby - and it's so funny to see her carrying him around! Kinda nostalgic, too thinking about the days when Crystal (my best friend back in the day) and I used to bring our babies (she had one of the same babies) into Ms. Nancy's first grade class. Seems so long ago!!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Geddo & Teta to the resuce!

I am now 1000% sure that sugar is a trigger for my migraines. I've "tested" it out over the past few weeks - going without sugar for a period of time then having some and indeed I had a migraine after I ate sugar. Well, last night Michael made cookies and I had a couple - this morning I woke up with a terrible migraine. Thankfully it was my Friday off, though I did have some work to do from home and oh yeah, I have a daughter to take care of!! Well, in the past I've had such a bad migraine that I couldn't function and had to call my parents to come over to help me with Emma. This morning my mother called and I told her I had another - I told her they didn't have to come over b/c I had taken my Imitrex and hopefully it would kick in soon. She said she would give me 45 minutes then would call back to check on me and if it wasn't better they would come over...

Luckily Emma was busy with her juice and Sesame Street and content to just sit on the couch, so I was able to rest my eyes lying in the living with her and didn't have to move too much. Soon though she was hungry and the thought of food revolted me b/c of the nausea with my migraine. Poor baby was going to have to settle for poptarts for b'fast. About the time she was working on the first half of one the door bell rang - it was my parents, her Geddo & Teta, coming over to fix b'fast and take care of us! I don't know what we would do without them - they come over to visit or help out whenever we need them and on a moment's notice at times, too. Emma was so glad to see them - and glad to get a good b'fast, too!! I told mother that's what she was really worried about - what Emma would have for b'fast not really me and my migraine (though I know she was worried about me, too)!!

About half an hour later my Imitrex was kicking in and my migraine symptoms were getting better - now I was dealing with the side effects from the Imitrex, but that's way better than the migraine - and we were eating bacon & eggs & biscuits! They had brought all the food for b'fast and even brought food for lunch which they left for us to fix later! They just left about five minutes ago (they have dinner plans with friends this evening). After I felt a lot better mother even helped me organize some things - I have a bunch of stuff ready for a garage sale and wanted to get it all gathered up and out of the way so I could have some more closet space. My front office is unfortunately the holding place for now for all that stuff. It's the one room that doesn't get too much traffic so I figured it was the only place to put it all until the next community garage sale. What doesn't sale though is either going for donation or in the trash - it isn't coming back into my house! I wish there was a place that would just come give me one price for everything then they could haul it all off and put it in a big garage sale or flea market or whatever. None of it's clothes, though - the Clothing Donation people come by about once a month and pick up any clothes I have to get rid of - that's very convenient. I wish I could do that with everything!!

Well, Emma is on the floor under her Pooh blanket with her head on her Pooh pillow (set mother & I made - well, I sewed some of the finishing seams!!) watching The Fox & The Hound. I think she is going to be asleep soon! Correction: I just peeked over - she is already asleep.

I think I'll take advantage and lie down with her for a bit myself - there are still some lingering side effects from the Imitrex and hopefully they will pass while we're resting. I still have some more work to do, too but at the moment I'm on standby waiting on some more information - so maybe that will be ready after a quick nap, too!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Product Pimping

I have two must-have-products in my bathroom vanity: Sensodyne & Chi Silk. I think if I were sent to a deserted island and could only take two things with me in the vanity category these are the ones I would take!

The Sensodyne is a must b/c I have a cracked tooth. I grind my teeth pretty bad and I guess that is what has caused the crack - obviously it's very sensitive b/c of that. I've tried to have a crown put on it, but they haven't been able to deaden me enough to do it - tried twice so far, though my dentist tells me they have a new drug to try. The alternative would be IV sedation and honestly I'm not too thrilled about unnecessarily being sedated in a dentis chair (my dad's cousin passed away doing that very same thing) I think I'll give the new drug a try first and if doesn't work, I'll use Sensodyne forever! It's cheaper anyway and it works! It works very well. I haven't had any pain in my tooth at all since I started using it!

As for the Chi - well, that love is pure vain! It's usually the only thing I put on my hair! When I get out of the shower I put a good amount on my wet hair, brush it through, and I'm done! When my hair dries I use the straight iron or curling iron just a bit and I'm ready to go! It doesn't weight my hair down and it makes it shiny and pretty - and no frizz (Though in this weather right now I'm figthing static, not frizz)! Maybe put a little hair spray if needed (again determined by the weather) and nothing else. Keeps my hair very healthy and soft and it smells really good, too.

So - I didn't really have much to say this morning - just thought about these two items as I got ready this morning and felt like sharing. I need to get back into daily posting so there could be more of these random postings in the days to come! Enjoy or not - you're here by choice right!?!? ;)


To be able to see out the window!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So, it's cold again...

No one is going to be able to stay well with this weather going back and forth - it was in the 70's two days ago and today it is cold again...


I am so glad Emma got a flu shot this year, b/c I know there is stuff going around and she just got over being sick so hopefully she won't get it again. Those nights aren't fun for any of us! Last night I woke up to her crying and jumped out of bed thinking, oh no, ear ache again - but by the time I made it to her room she was quiet again. So, I just peeked in and she seemed fine and was going back to sleep (if she had even woke up) so I went back to bed myself. Still didn't want to get out of bed this morning, though. My bed was so comfy and warm and after Michael left Emma came in to snuggle with me just before I had to get up - I would have been content just to stay there.

Thank goodness this is a short week for me - I am finally getting to take a Friday off. The last Friday off I had we were working and the one after that I wanted to take PTO, but that didn't happen, so this week I plan to be off on Friday b/c things are a bit more calm now. Not much, but mostly! If I'm not over all this crud, I may just dope myself up on chloraseptic and cough meds and me and Emma may veg out in the living room all day!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Visiting Grannie

[caption id="attachment_2152" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Emma & Grannie"]Emma & Grannie[/caption]

Sunday before last Michael, Emma, & I drove up to spend the day with Grannie while she was in the hospital and mother who was staying with her (like I said in my earlier post) and while there Emma had to crawl up in the bed with Grannie. She didn't know what to think about that bed with all the buttons - and she had to push, or try to push, each and every one of them!! She has to push every button she sees. It's crazy! The remote, the TV, the computer, phones, car window, now hospital beds...*sigh*

Anyway, I am so happy that Grannie is home again so I wanted to share this picture of the two of them. I told Grannie when we left I wasn't going to come back to that hospital so she better get home so we could come visit her - guess she listened!

Monday, January 26, 2009

For Emma

Mom & Dad came over tonight - Michael grilled - and mother brought this
as a surprise. She made it for Emma while she was with Grannie.

Take two of these & call me in the morning...

We've been sick in our house for over a week now. On the 16th Emma got the 2nd part of her flu shot (apparently when it is their first, kids get the flu shot in two doses instead of all at once) and since that Sunday she, then I, have been sick. Saturday (the 17th) she stayed with my daddy all day b/c I had to work and Michael was out of town. Daddy said then she had a runny nose most of the day. The next day Michael & I drove up to Lufkin to see my Grannie in the hospital (she's home now - I'll add that update next) & my mother who was staying with her, and drivign home that night Emma was cranky & told me her ear hurt. For the next few days we treated low fevers with Tylenol & treated her ears w/ eardrops from the doctor and had some pretty sleepless night - finally after about three days she started showing a lot of improvement. Then just when she started getting well I started to get it. My throat got scratchy Thursday & Friday I is when the raspy voice came. My throat has been burning since and my voice coming in and out. I haven't taken anything except chloraseptic for the pain in my throat hoping it would just run it's course. Though now I think it's moving b/c I'm beginning to get more congested and feeling it in my ears. My voice comes and goes and honestly it's only really bad in the evening. Last night I did have a hard time sleeping b/c I was coughing - I do need to buy some cough medicine today b/c I need to be able to sleep obviously. I am glad Michael hasn't got it this time, too. Makes it easier for me to rest and not feel guilty while he cooks dinner! I have a wonderful honey bunny!

In regards to my Grannie - she got to leave the hospital Thursday and went to my aunt's house - who lives about two miles from my Grannie. My mother stayed there with them a couple of days and then came home Saturday after living in the hospital with my Grannie the past month. Grannie is much improved - she has a cane, but mother said she can get along pretty well without it and she is eating much better. The antibiotics really messed up her tasters so she wasn't eating well for a long time. I think they have finally got out of her system, though and she is eating good again!! She is going to have home health come in to see her about three days a week I think - to help her get her strength back with physical therapy. We don't know what will happen after that, though - whether she is going back to her house & have someone come in and see about her or what. Mother wants her to stay with her here in Houston, but Grannie doesn't want to leave  Broaddus. I can understand not wanting to leave your home, but I just hope they find someone good to come take good care of her. I think someone is supposed to come talk to them soon so mother will be going back then to find out what options Grannie has.

I am just so thankful God took care of her and brought her home. She may never get all her strength back after this and may have to have more fulltime care, but she is home where she is comfortable and still her with us which is a blessing!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Why not just buy pants that fit?

Maybe it's just a crazy idea of mine, but if you find pants that fit & under-garments that fit, this shouldn't happen...right? Well, maybe not today with all the really low cut pants that are in stores.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="291" caption="The Problem"]The problem[/caption]

Or you could just go to Hip-T for their solution to this can get the same solution from buying a pretty cami that is long enough to come over your hips from under your shirt. Their products are about the same price I think and you don't have to worry about the extra layers or bunching that that can sometimes happen with a long camisole. I think it's a good idea that really just comes down to preference - silky camisoles shouldn't bunch much, but are still an added layer that in Houston summers can be too much. The idea is a pretty good one, though.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Y'all be careful...

I guess it must be a Southern thing to say "Y'all be careful..." when saying good-bye to someone. I mean, I don't say it all the time, but it isn't an odd phrase to me if someone says, "Okay - see you later. Bye. Y'all be careful..." - there is no real meaning other than to say good journey or something like that in my mind. It isn't as common as most phrases, but still not something that is so foreign it would make me stop and think about what the person is trying to say to me.

There is a point here...

Last night we were watching American Idol- love the auditions - and there was a very country redneck gentleman auditioning. He didn't make it through and upon leaving to tell the judges bye, he said, "Be careful..." and the judges called that a threat. Paula Abdul actually said, "That's not something you say to people..." - um, I really don't see the harm. Now, if he glared at them and said it in a threatening manner, yes I could see where saying "be careful" could be used as a threat. But he didn't - he just said, "Thanks. Bye. Be careful..." as in be C-A-R-E-F-U-L. Anyway - Michael and I looked at one another and were both questioning the judges reaction.  Maybe it truly is just a Southern thing and they weren't accustomed to hearing that. Maybe it just made for better TV for the judges to be threatened, who knows.

Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm tired today

It hasn't been a hard day, but today was supposed to be my Friday off. So, I think that & the fact that I know I have to come in to work tomorrow, too has me very tired. Just thinking about the three days off I could've had & will be here instead makes me tired! That's the job, though. It's cyclical like that so there are times when I don't have much to do and other times when I feel like I'll never get all the work done. Right now we are working on the year end close, that's why it's so busy, but feeling like I could go right to sleep if I had two minutes to close my eyes isn't helping me concentrate today!! I think this calls for a double shot - I might walk downstairs to the Perk (our Starbucks) and get myself a double shot of espresso to perk me up! I went outside at lunch & the beautiful cool weather was definitely a pick-me-up!

I left earlier than lunch once today, too b/c I had to take Emma to the doctor. She isn't sick or anything, she just had to get her 2nd flu shot. I had already had to reschedule it once & since I was supposed to be off this Friday I had it scheduled for 9AM. I decided not to cancel it again since the babysitter and Emma's doctor are both pretty close to my office. I was gone & back in less than an hour. Emma did very well, too. She did cry a bit, but before I even got her pants back up (she gets her shots in the thigh) she was fine & waving at the nurse telling her good-bye!

Today her Geddo (grandfather in Arabic - my father) is coming to visit her! He is actually going to spend the night b/c he is going to keep her while I'm working tomorrow. Michael had plans to go out of town already. Mother is still in Lufkin with Grannie so I think after I get off work tomorrow (hopefully I'll only be working until noon) daddy, Emma & I are going to drive up and surprise them at the hospital. We'll probably spend the night & come home Sunday. I know that will brighten Grannie's & mother's day tremendously. Mother hasn't left the hospital more than twice I think since Grannie was admitted on the 2nd. I tried to get her to take a break for the weekend & come stay with Daddy & Emma Saturday while I worked, but she said she didn't think she could leave. So, I just thought we would bring the "break" to her - and I know seeing Emma will lift Grannie's spirit.

So, for the update on Grannie that I have neglected to give: The doctor had told us on the 6th that he gave Grannie a 25% chance of recovery. She had pneumonia & congestive heart failure - things didn't look good & he said it was probably best to call in the family. Well, now her pneumonia is gone & her heart is beating normal again (thank you God for your healing hand & for providing her a good doctor)! She is still finishing our her antibiotics & breathing treatments, though. Now she is still in the hospital b/c all this has left her very, very weak. She has been moved, though from critical care to the rehab floor in the hospital and is doing occupational therapy to help her get her strength back. After she goes home, though she will no longer be able to be on her own 100% like before. Most likely she will 24 assistance going forward. I think a case worker from Medicare is supposed to come talk to them next week about their options for home care. She may also just move in with my parents, but Grannie really wants to be in her home and in Broaddus, not Houston, but if that comes down to the only option, Grannie may just have to find the goodness in Houston! I'm just happy she is healing & can't wait to visit this weekend - the last time we visited we thought it was to say good-bye and I am so thankful this time I'm just going to say HI!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend Visitors

This weekend I got to catch up with Alice! Friday night after Michael's birthday dinner Sean, Alice & Connor stayed overnight with us. The next morning Michael & Sean got up early & headed to Nacogdoches to Cycleland to spend the weekend on their four-wheelers. In the meantime, Alice, Connor, Emma & I spent the weekend playing! We thought we would get to run around a lot more, but turns out Emma & Connor decided naps were more important - and not at the same time! One would nap and then just before that one woke, the other would fall asleep! Thanks guys!!

We did get to play outside a lot and go to the park & Alice & and I took advantage of their downtime to visit & get play with some crafts - we made a ton of air fresheners this weekend! It also turned pretty cool outside so I guess it was good to be indoors!

Michael & Sean came home Sunday pretty tired - I don't think they slept too much Saturday night! They had a lot of fun, though. Alice & I let them know that the next weekend we all got together, the daddies were going to stay with the kiddoes while the mommies got to run around & play the whole time! We didn't hear much argument from them!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Birthday Wishes

From your girls...


Happy Birthday Michael!!! I love you sweetie!!


Happy Birthday Daddy! I love you whole bunches!!! Emma

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


I'm leaving at lunch today & picking up my sister to go visit our Grannie.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

My Grannie

Well our plans for this weekend changed a bit. We came down Thursday night and spent Friday in Nacogsoches with friends. We planned to have our big family Christmas today. This past week though my Grannie hasn't been feeling well and she got bad enough that my parents brought her from Houston (where she had been staying with them) to the hospital here per her doctor's request. Turns out she has pneumonia and she has been hospitalized. Learning this was actually a relief bc they know what is wrong and can get her well now. Hopefully she'll only be there a couple days. So we decided to postpone Christmas bc it wouldn't be Christmas without her there.

Michael, daddy, Emma & I are on the way to the hospital now to visit with her. Mom stayed last night and will stay in town a while with Grannie until she is feeling back to her normal spry 94-year-young self! She'll perk up when she sees Emma today too! Emma is passed out now in her car seat so she will be rested by the time we get there!!

So please just keep my Grannie in your prayers. They will take good care of her and get her well I'm sure, but at 94 years it just takes a little longer to heal.

Friday, January 02, 2009


Had to see the changes they made to the campus.