How I Spent My Three Day Weekend

Monday, November 10, 2008

It was so nice to be able to take my Friday off this past weekend! It's the first one I've been able to take in a long time!! And it was a full & busy three days - very fun, too!!

Friday I took Emma over to my mother's & we spent the day hanging out with family. When it was time for Michael to be home I headed back - thankfully Emma was napping so I just lightly kissed her cheek! I still don't want to be away from her much so it was not easy to leave her. She spent the night with my parents b/c Michael and I had plans with our neighbors. When we were all ready that evening we headed off to dinner with Carlton & Felicia and then went for a little bowling after. We need a little practice, but have decided to challenge our other neighbors when we feel we're good enough!! LOL! We also ran into some friends at the bowling alley.

Saturday we slept in a bit since Emma was at my mother's house. Well, Michael did - I, of course, can never sleep in when I don't have to be anywhere early! So, I got up and piddled around for a while until Michael got up. Then we met up with friends around 11:00 and we all headed out with our four-wheelers to Spring Creek to ride. We had 9 ATV's total. (You can see all the other pics here to see how I got so muddy!) We were out until a little after 5:00 and decided it was time to clean up and go get Emma. Mother had cooked us dinner and my brother & sister were there, too so we also got to visit a bit before heading home! While riding we also ran into an old friend of mine that I haven't seen in years - turns out he lives only about five minutes from us! His wife & son were there, too. I gave him my number so hopefully we'll all be able to get together soon to catch up! He said they were there riding every weekend so I'm sure we'll see them again!

Sunday Emma and I headed down to Lupe Tortilla's to meet Pamela and her husband and kiddos for lunch. She was in town for the weekend & called me and Elaine to get together. We all used to work together and though we keep up online all the time we haven't seen one another in years. It's funny, though b/c even though we don't physically see one another it didn't feel that way b/c we're able to stay in touch nearly on a daily basis through blogs & pictures! Another reason I love the web! Keeping those ties even when you can't get time to see people!

After lunch we headed home & pretty much spent the rest of the day vegging. Emma fell asleep on the way back so I put her into bed when we got home & I actually dozed a bit on the couch while Michael watched football. Later he went upstairs to watch a while so I could get the TV & I watched a couple episodes of House (love that show)!

So, that was my weekend - we had a great time this weekend & the weather was so beautiful for it, too. Today we've had a little rain and dark clouds this morning, but it looks like it's gone now & the sun is coming out. I think there is more on the way, though. I wanted to get out at lunch today so maybe it'll wait until after I get back!!