Saturday, November 29, 2008
That's what time it is now...I can't sleep. It's either the glass of iced tea I had earlier or the full day we had for Emma's birthday party. Though, I would think that would have me so tired I would just crash! We did have a wonderful day today, though. Emma had a great party and I really think she had so much fun! She loved opening her presents and loved everything she got! She got some really cute clothes, two Little People sets, colors & coloring books, V-Tech toys, books, a new Pooh jacket, PJ's, a music CD with her name in the song, Tinkerbell the movie and coloring books, flash cards, a couple of My Little Pony toys, a Care Bear and that's just what I can remember off the top of my head at this moment!!

Another great surprise Emma had was that Grannie was here for Emma's party! She came to town for Thanksgiving with my brother and is staying with my parents for a while so she was able to be here today, too. I was so thankful to have her here to celebrate with us! It made today really great! I think she had a good time, too. Grannie has a big sweet tooth, so I was glad we had a really good cake for her today! LOL!

Emma did have fun opening all her presents, too! She was so happy all day! We also had a tiara pinata that the kids had a blast hitting until they got to the candy inside! After everyone had left Jamie & Steven hung around and after we cleaned up we all went out to dinner - it was time for some real food after cake & party snacks! It was a nice calming end to the evening - when we got back home Emma got into a pair of her new PJs and settled down to color in her new coloring book before climbing into bed to have sweet dreams!

I wish I could have sweet dreams like she is doing right now. I am just wide awake, though.

Well, it's 12:52 now - I'm watching Disney's The Kid and it's almost over. Maybe when it's done I'll be able to go lay back down and actually fall asleep!

Thanks again to everyone who came out to the house today to celebrate Emma's birhtday!!

Oops - 12:53 now! ;)