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We were playing outside at mother's house Friday & Emma had a quiet moment!

Kinley at 5 Days

This is my great niece - Kinley Madison. She was born November 24th.

12:53? Yeah right...more like 2:30

After Disney's The Kid, I ended up watching Breakfast at Tiffany's so needless to say I didn't get to bed until well after 2:00am this morning. Breakfast at Tiffany's is a classic, though. I love the tub sofa and Cat! Wonder where the sofa disappeared to at the end of the movie, though!?!? Mystery!

Today is a day of lounging, though. The past three days have been so busy - a whirlwind of activit, family, visiting, eating, partying, and emotions! Today is a day to decompress! I am still off work tomorrow b/c I have a dentist appointment. My dentist is on the other side of town and I refuse to change b/c they are so good so I just take the whole day off when it's time for my 6 month cleaning/checkup. They are close to my parents' house, too so I usually end up spending the day with them. Emma and I will have to get up and leave at about the same time I would have to leave for work, but that will be good b/c Tuesday that's what I'll have to do anyway since …


That's what time it is now...I can't sleep. It's either the glass of iced tea I had earlier or the full day we had for Emma's birthday party. Though, I would think that would have me so tired I would just crash! We did have a wonderful day today, though. Emma had a great party and I really think she had so much fun! She loved opening her presents and loved everything she got! She got some really cute clothes, two Little People sets, colors & coloring books, V-Tech toys, books, a new Pooh jacket, PJ's, a music CD with her name in the song, Tinkerbell the movie and coloring books, flash cards, a couple of My Little Pony toys, a Care Bear and that's just what I can remember off the top of my head at this moment!!

Another great surprise Emma had was that Grannie was here for Emma's party! She came to town for Thanksgiving with my brother and is staying with my parents for a while so she was able to be here today, too. I was so thankful to have her here to ce…


Emma had a great 2nd birthday party. Now she's winding down coloring
in her new coloring book in her new pj's!!

Thanks so much to everyone that made today special for her!

Gettin the party ready

Another great cake job from Lindy's. We are getting everything set up
now for Emma's party!

Apple Pie

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving

Two Years Already

It's so hard to believe, but Emma's 2nd birthday party is this weekend. Her actual birthday is on December 3rd, but we're having her party on Saturday. It's hard scheduling it on a holiday weekend, but we didn't have much of a choice either.

Yesterday I went out and bought all the paper goods & decorations - we also bought a pinata (shaped like a tiara - very girl I know, but it's cute) and stuff it with yummy candy! Today I went out and ordered her cake & bought the party favors.

I'm off this week through Monday so tomorrow is dedicated to complete cleaning of the house b/c Thursday is Turkey Day at Michael's parents' house and Friday we'll be at my parents' house - and I'm sure Saturday I won't have tons of time before the party.

We're back home this morning after running the last of the errands & Emma is watching Underdog - I think she is getting close to nap time.

How I Spent My Three Day Weekend

It was so nice to be able to take my Friday off this past weekend! It's the first one I've been able to take in a long time!! And it was a full & busy three days - very fun, too!!

Friday I took Emma over to my mother's & we spent the day hanging out with family. When it was time for Michael to be home I headed back - thankfully Emma was napping so I just lightly kissed her cheek! I still don't want to be away from her much so it was not easy to leave her. She spent the night with my parents b/c Michael and I had plans with our neighbors. When we were all ready that evening we headed off to dinner with Carlton & Felicia and then went for a little bowling after. We need a little practice, but have decided to challenge our other neighbors when we feel we're good enough!! LOL! We also ran into some friends at the bowling alley.

Saturday we slept in a bit since Emma was at my mother's house. Well, Michael did - I, of course, can never sleep in when I don&…

November Desktop

My Little Clown

Halloween was a lot of fun this year! We had a block party this year & a hayride for all the kids - we took them trick-or-treating around the neighborhood on a trailer behind our 4-wheeler! Emma's costume was a big hit! She was so cute!!! I was worried about whether or not she would be afraid of some of the scary Halloween stuff, but mostly she was fine. She did get a little scared a couple times, but just really needed mommy to hold her! I think we're going to try to make this a tradition going forward b/c we have so many kids on our street & mostly are all about the same age! We have a few years before they decide they are "too old", thankfully!

I've posted all the pictures at fotki!