22 Months Old

Friday, October 03, 2008

There is no way that I am going to have a 2-year old in only two months!! It just is not possible!!! But today my baby girl is 22 months old! I guess when I think about how she has been acting lately it might not be too hard to believe she is 2 - she is definitely testing ALL of our boundaries these days! Last weekend I was about ready to put her in the closet until she was 21!!!

And being two weeks w/out a babysitter so she wasn't around all the other kids like normal and having to share (sharing sucks these days) also started to come out! She has become a lot better since going back to the babysitter, though. She is like a parrot these days, too. She repeats EVERYTHING we say. And for some reason instead of "Yes Ma'am" I keep getting this "uh huh" for yes, which I do not like. We are working on that!

Oh - and now she is totally done with her baby bed. Won't even think about getting in it anymore. For a while she was sleeping with us, but that just isn't comfortable since we only have a queen bed - there isn't enough room when Emma's in the bed. She is all over the bed! So Monday I suggested to her sleeping in the other big bed - the queen bed in the guest room - and she jumped on it. Anything to avoid the crib I guess. Well, she has been sleeping in there all week now. So we're going shopping to buy her a big girl room with her own big bed. We thought about converting her crib, but really she would have to transition out of that when baby #2 (no we aren't pregnant) arrives, so I figure one transition would be better! A couple of nights she did get up out of bed and come to our room, so I put her in our bed for the remaining hours of the night, but otherwise, she has been doing fine in the guest room until we get her new furniture.

She is getting tall, too! She isn't gaining any weight, though so she looks skinny to me. All her clothes still fit around, they are just all getting too short! And she still has the same obsession with shoes!! It's hilarious! But her foot grew so fast she outgrew all the cute shoes I bought her, so now she just has three pair that fit. Her hair is growing, too. We can do full ponytails pretty easily now, but most of the time I just pull the sides back; otherwise, it hangs down in her face, but I'm not ready to cut it yet.

She loves to color and loves stickers these days, too. She puts the stickers all over her and whoever is playing with her - I get her to put them on her daddy's legs! LOL!

The picture above she is wearing Tinker Bell pajamas that my mother bought her - we haven't really got into any of the Disney Princesses, but mother also bought her a "Rella" (Cinderella) shirt so she calls all the pretty Disney Ladies "Rella" now - I keep trying to get her to say Tinker Bell. Usually just comes out "Bell", though.

Well, if we find her a bedroom suit I'll have to post pictures - so wish me luck!!!