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A Sideways Glance

We had such a great weekend - the weather was wonderful & we spent as much time as we could outside enjoying it! I was just so thankful not to be working!!!

Now it is back to work, but things are a bit slower than they have been - Yay! We aren't completely done with budget, but it's out for board review right now so we're in a wait-and-see mode. That's fine with me - just want some breathing time!

Anyway - I took this picture of my sweetie this weekend & thought that look was too mischievous so I wanted to share!

Morning commute

Late October and it finally cools off! Hope it doesn't get hot again
for Halloween.

Mom, baby, & daddy

I was so glad we made it in time to welcome baby Jacob! We weren't there an hour & he decided it was time to arrive!! He is so precious & was so alert - looking around quite a bit and really going to town on his little fingers!! Mom & dad were super thrilled, too of course! You could see how proud they were! I am sure they are anxious for Jacob to meet his big sister, too. I know she is going to love him to pieces!! A little prince now with all his female cousins - I'll bet he ends up a little spoiled! Hee hee!! I don't think we'll get to see him again (at least not me cuz I'll be working late this week again) until they come home. I am sure they'll have plenty of company for a while, though so I bet they won't mind! Then at least Emma will get to see him - she wasn't allowed in last night. Only siblings or children over 12 are allowed so she still has to meet her new cousin!

I took a few more pics last night & have posted them! I am sure…

My new nephew

Jacob Nathaniel Kubeczka
6.5lbs 19.25inches @ 2:59 pm on 10/22/08

Yay, I'm going to be an aunt again!!

Jamie went into the hospital early this morning in labor with our new little nephew!! I can't wait to see him! I am hoping to get to leave work early so we can get down there to be with them - so hopefully I'll have pictures to post tonight or tomorrow!! So exciting!!


I'm not sure who took this picture of me - probably my father - and I am not positive where it is, though I am pretty sure it's at Karnak.

I found this picture in a box while cleaning out a bunch of stuff & I don't know why, but I really like, I had to scan it and share it.

My new coffee cup

Jamie gave me a Starbucks gift card for my birthday and this is how I
spent it!! Oh and the coffee inside too, of course!

22 Months Old

There is no way that I am going to have a 2-year old in only two months!! It just is not possible!!! But today my baby girl is 22 months old! I guess when I think about how she has been acting lately it might not be too hard to believe she is 2 - she is definitely testing ALL of our boundaries these days! Last weekend I was about ready to put her in the closet until she was 21!!!

And being two weeks w/out a babysitter so she wasn't around all the other kids like normal and having to share (sharing sucks these days) also started to come out! She has become a lot better since going back to the babysitter, though. She is like a parrot these days, too. She repeats EVERYTHING we say. And for some reason instead of "Yes Ma'am" I keep getting this "uh huh" for yes, which I do not like. We are working on that!

Oh - and now she is totally done with her baby bed. Won't even think about getting in it anymore. For a while she was sleeping with us, but that just isn&#…

Happy Anniversary Baby

Happy Anniversary Sweetie - I love you very much!

I cannot believe it's October already!

October Desktop

October CD Calendar