Let there be lights!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008
Man - I am so thankful our power came back on last night! We really got very lucky. We were here Saturday morning when the storm hit and power went out and we were here throughout the day w/out power, but Saturday evening Michael's brother & his wife had power restored and they invited us over to come stay with them whie our power was out. I was very thankful to them for taking us in for a couple of nights. Their area and Michael's parent's area both had power very early on. I told Michael I could handle being home w/out power after those couple of days b/c the cool front had things cooled off and it wasn't so muggy anymore, but Saturday & Sunday night it was too hot and muggy.

So...thanks so much Jamie & Steven for inviting us to evacuate to your house for a couple days!! Emma had fun playing with her cousin and sleeping in the A/C!!!

We came home Monday morning and were outside most of the day. Michael and our neighbor worked on our fences, their fences, and the neighbors' fences and yards getting things back to normal and cleaned up. The road behind our neighborhood had a lot of damage and a lot of trees down and several power line poles down across the road, too. I think the fact that those poles were down over the road made our area a priority to the electric company. We heard they were back there working and that our power maybe would be restored by 6:00 that evening - we didn't get our hopes up. So, we stayed outside playing with the neighbors and enjoying the cool temperatures!! Around 6:00 when we thought power was going to come back on we were all outside playing still (we played tennis & volleyball in the street) when we saw Centerpoint Energy trucks drive by - about an hour later we saw the lights come on and we all started jumping up and down celebrating!! You could hear people all over the place yelling in excitement! Then we heard a little boy holler, "Turn on the TV!!!" Ha ha!

I called my parents immediately b/c they were still stuck without power and told them to come over. I told daddy I could make him coffee in the morning and he said, "You can make me coffee tonight!!! We'll be there in 45 minutes!!" LOL!!! Ironically power came back on just about the time the Dallas/Philadelphia game came on!! I think they knew Michael and Carlton would be grouchy w/out their football!! Ha ha!

I am ready for life to get back to normal, but I know it's going to be a long time for normal to come back to so many people that lost so much during the storm. I am so very thankful that we had such minimal damage in our area. There were several homes in our neighborhood that lost much of their roofs and suffered so much damage, but our street really had minimal damage compared to those around us.

Our work is still closed, but at least now that we have power I can work from home b/c our computing systems are apparently up and running. I would rather work from home the rest of this week while things are still a little hectic instead of getting out on the roads. I was worried about things getting backed up, but with power at home I can keep up with my work and it won't be piled up and rushed when we go back to the office.