Saturday, September 13, 2008

After the storm

Report from my neighborhood and what I've heard from family: Hurricane
Ike left us a lot of water and mess, but not too much damage and so
far no one has been injured that I know. I'm so thankful we are all
safe. The mess won't be hard to clean. A few fences need repair and
some trees are down. I think a couple neighbors did have some leaks
though. Hopefully not too bad though. And it isn't too hot now without
AC. Tomorrow I think it will be though.

This is a birthday I don't think I'll ever forget!


  1. My brother and them had minimal damage also... just a hole in the roof where he left an old satellite dish... I don't know if he forgot it was there til too late, or if he thought it wouldn't cause any damage.

    He did say that he and a neighbor drove over to Windrose (which he and my SIL have been thinking of moving to in the next couple years) and said a lot of those huge pine trees they have over there had broken in half and crashed into houses and cars! He was glad they just have a wimpy little oak tree in their front yard that uprooted and laid flat in the yard! lol

    Glad to know ya'll are all okay!!!

  2. I am glad to hear that damage was minimal. We were glued to the TV all weekend long to see how our H-Town Friends would make out. How did you office building fare the storm??

    By the way, happy belated. You have some make-up celebrating to do now!!!!


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