21 Months

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Today my baby girl is 21 months old! I can't believe that I almost have a 2 year old!! WOW!!

She is quite the little chatter box and is repeating more and more things she hears us say every day. I keep warning her daddy she is repeating some things she shouldn't!! She is also a very determined and strong willed little girl. She wants to do what she wants to do and is just bull-headed enough to keep on even when I tell her no. Sadly, I have to say she gets that from both parents I think! She loves to sing & dance to music - LOVES being outside & playing with bubbles. She also loves to ride. Her daddy takes her riding on the 4-wheeler all the time and she can't get enough!! She is big into Pooh right now.

We hit a spell where she did NOT want to go to bed at night. We have always been rather blessed b/c bedtime was easy. Just lay her down, give kisses, say goodnight, and that was it - well not lately! Lately it's been a nightmare - screaming until she loses her breath nightmare. I think we've finally passed it, though. The last couple of nights when I've laid her down she does cry, but only for a very short while - about 30 seconds after I leave her room she's quiet and I don't hear another peep until morning. Who knows what was going on - I am just glad we're coming out of it.

I took this picture Saturday in East Texas when we went up for the clay shoot - she was all decked out in her camo for the event!! Cookie in hand!

This isn't the original picture of course - I used a texture to make the original picture look like a TTV. This was my first attempt. I don't have a camera to use for a real TTV hence the use of the texture & photoshop CS2. I think it came out pretty well - they'll look better with more practice!