Wednesday, September 03, 2008

21 Months

Today my baby girl is 21 months old! I can't believe that I almost have a 2 year old!! WOW!!

She is quite the little chatter box and is repeating more and more things she hears us say every day. I keep warning her daddy she is repeating some things she shouldn't!! She is also a very determined and strong willed little girl. She wants to do what she wants to do and is just bull-headed enough to keep on even when I tell her no. Sadly, I have to say she gets that from both parents I think! She loves to sing & dance to music - LOVES being outside & playing with bubbles. She also loves to ride. Her daddy takes her riding on the 4-wheeler all the time and she can't get enough!! She is big into Pooh right now.

We hit a spell where she did NOT want to go to bed at night. We have always been rather blessed b/c bedtime was easy. Just lay her down, give kisses, say goodnight, and that was it - well not lately! Lately it's been a nightmare - screaming until she loses her breath nightmare. I think we've finally passed it, though. The last couple of nights when I've laid her down she does cry, but only for a very short while - about 30 seconds after I leave her room she's quiet and I don't hear another peep until morning. Who knows what was going on - I am just glad we're coming out of it.

I took this picture Saturday in East Texas when we went up for the clay shoot - she was all decked out in her camo for the event!! Cookie in hand!

This isn't the original picture of course - I used a texture to make the original picture look like a TTV. This was my first attempt. I don't have a camera to use for a real TTV hence the use of the texture & photoshop CS2. I think it came out pretty well - they'll look better with more practice!


  1. She is SO CUTE! And growing up too fast! In reference to her saying more and more everyday and repeating what you guys say... Yeah, I forget a lot of the time around my friend's 3y.o. when we're playing Mario Kart on Wii all the time about what I say in response to things not going my way.... lol Today I said, "Son of a Biscuit" trying to cover my tracks and he immediately repeated it when someone crashed into him on the race track! I was less surprised that he repeated it and more surprised he knew what context to use it in...! He's a smart little booger (he can sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame and knows the Pledge of Allegiance)... too smart most of the time!

  2. Jamie Kubeczka9/10/2008 09:40:00 AM

    I can't believe she is going to be 2 soon. Where has the time gone?? They grow up too fast for me! What a cute picture!


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