Week 3: Heading Home

Monday, August 25, 2008

We had a great weekend - busy, fun, productive, exhausting - all the things that make up a good two days away from work!

Friday night Michael had a fantasy football draft (wait - that's just one) so when I picked up Emma I decided we didn't want to go home and just piddle around the house. I wish I had planned ahead to go to the Tiara Happy Hour, but I didn't so instead Emma & I had a girls' night in with my mother and grandmother. I picked up Emma & we headed over straight after work. It was a good evening, too. Emma was entertaining as ever!

Saturday was our productive day. Our doorbell and garage door opener both decided they didn't want to work anymore. So, we went off to Home Depot. We found the doorbell first - easy fix & cheap. The garage door opener wasn't as cheap obviously, but easy since we'll have it installed hopefully this week. It's a very cool garage door opener though - well as cool as a garage door opener can be I guess! It has a back up so that if the electricity goes out it will still open the door; the standard two remotes plus a keypad to hang up; it's extremely quiet b/c it runs on a belt; changes frequency with every push of the remote and has over a million frequencies to protect from someone breaking in; plus it has a cool feature in that we can program a light to come on in the house when we open the garage door! THAT is the coolest part! So, if I am coming in the house alone at night there will be a light waiting on me once I come in through the garage!!

Wow - that was way too much typing and excitement over a garage door opener. I am too domestic I think!

We did end up making another purchase from Home Depot on Saturday - we're getting a new dishwasher. I've hated ours forever - mostly b/c of how loud it was so I couldn't justify buying a new one just for the way it sounds. But lately it doesn't clean nearly as well as it used to either. We find food on a glass or bowl nearly every time we empty the dishwasher, so we decided we could justify buying a new one. Cleanliness is next to Godliness and all, right?

I hope these both get taken care of this week before we head out of town Thursday night.

Sunday Michael had another football draft (see I told you there were more) - this was his third and final one. I had made plans to spend the day with Elaine, so Emma spent the day with her Teta & Grannie. I met Elaine around 11:00 for brunch at Baba Yega (Yum-O) and we proceeded to sit and talk and eat and drink hibiscus tea for two hours. We were out on the patio and the breeze was just so nice it was hard to make ourselves leave! We finally did, though and headed downtown. The theater district was having an open house so we walked around and took pictures. Headed into Jones Hall & watched a flamenco performance - then wandered down along the bayou for a bit and basically made a big loop back to Market Square (actually our old stomping grounds). We were pretty parched so we decided it was time to chill with some gelato - so that was our next stop and there again we proceeded to sit and visit and eat for about an hour! The gelato was perfect for the hot day after all the walking! (I'll be posting my pics from the day on flickr as I finish with post processing.)

After that we called it a day and the picture above is me heading back to my mother's house to pick up Miss Emma.

So, we had a good weekend and hopefully will have a good week to follow. This week and next are both short weeks for me as this Friday is my Friday off and we're off Monday for Labor Day. We're going up to East Texas again - it's time for the Stanley Cup again (annual clay shoot invitational). I have thought about shooting this year, but think I'll just stick to shooting pictures instead.

Well, since the weekend is over and I'm back at work I better actually get to work!