Scrapes & Bruises

Saturday, August 02, 2008
Emma has busted her lip three times in her life - this evening was number three. She was riding outside with the neighbor on her little three wheeler and instead of keeping her hiney on the seat, she was standing as she pushed it along and over the top she toppled. It was a two Popsicle  busted lip as it  bled...a lot.  Cuts on your head and busted lips seem to bleed so badly. When her daddy came back out from running in to get a popsicle and wet towel there was blood all over her face and my hands b/c I was using my fingers to wipe the blood that was running down her chin and really making a mess. I knew when he came back and saw her he would think it was worse than it was so I quickly told him it wasn't that bad. That I had just smeared it everywhere.

When she got her popsicle (Grayson had one with her, too) she quickly was okay again! She sat in my lap sniffling and eating her popsicle. By the time she was ready for number two though she was running around again and back on her little three wheeler. I'm thankful she isn't scared and will get right back on it, but man she keeps us on our toes. She is quite the little daredevil! Both the other two busted lips are from her falling inside the house and hitting the coffee table. This time since she went over the handle bars onto the street outside she also had a little road rash on the outside of her top lip. Luckily there was no gravel inside or anything and it doesn't look too bad. It's just swollen on the top right in the middle of her lip and it's very pink. I hope by the morning it is gone down.

Just a sign of more things to come I am sure.