New Mommy Tip: Let her spend the night...when YOU are ready

Saturday, August 09, 2008
So, Emma spent her first night away last night. She stayed with her Teta & Geddo (Arabic for Grandmother & Grandfather) and my Grannie who is here visiting. They came over to get her yesterday when the men came to put in our new floors - they ended up staying with me the whole time, but when they went home Emma went with them to spend the night and Michael and I went out with friends to see The Dark Knight - highly, HIGHLY, recommended btw! Heath Ledger completely stole the show!

Anyway - they left the first time and I was tearing up and Emma was laughing telling me "bye bye" and "of ooo" (I love you sounds that way!). Then Michael sent me a text and saying to tell them to stay until he got home so he could see Emma. He's got a busy weekend and wouldn't be back until Sunday so he wouldn't see her until then - so I called them to come back (they had just pulled away). The next time they left after Michael got home from work Emma started crying, but I was doing alright - I think b/c Michael was there this time. Mother called as soon as I walked back into the house, though to tell me that she was no longer crying already and was just chattering away!

Michael and I started getting ready to go out - met our friends - and had a great time! I actually had wished we had more plans for after the movie, but Michael had to go back to work this morning. I did say last night, though that I wanted the four of us to try to go dancing another night when Emma was staying with my parents.

So, although it took me about a year and a half to finally be okay with Emma staying over night away from me I think it was a good thing! The point though is that it wouldn't have been okay if I hadn't been ready. Mommies (and daddies) do NOT let anyone pressure you into having your children stay over night if you aren't ready. Don't let anyone tell you, "Oh, it's time - you have to have a night to yourself - gotta pull away" or any other thing that makes you think you're being a bad parent b/c you haven't let your child stay away over night. Yes, you do need time to yourself, but if you do it before you're ready you won't have a good time anyway and it will just be more stressful than relaxing and fun. Don't get me wrong - we've gone out before for an evening and Emma stayed with one of her grandparents or with our neighbor whose son is three days younger than Emma (they are big buddies), but just not over night. I think doing that a few times first was the key to making this easier! I know it won't be so hard from now on to let her stay overnight with her grandparents and I'm sure I won't have any problems with kiddo #2 comes along!!!